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Easily the items within a bathroom that will receive the most use, toilets and sinks are also probably the fixtures you least want to develop problems, so reliability is key.

All the toilets and sinks we carry have been chosen with that in mind, in addition to their functionality and design.

We do this so that you don’t need to worry about that side of things when making your choice and you can instead focus on making sure the style you choose suits the look of your bathroom, the available plumbing, and, of course, your price bracket.

We carry a wide variety across multiple brands to ensure that no matter what style you have in mind, we’ll be able to satisfy your requirements. At UK Bathroom Store we firmly believe that everyone should have the bathroom they really want – and that’s what our selection and our prices are designed to make possible.

When browsing our selection, you should ask yourself whether a water-saving combination would be right for your bathroom, or whether your needs include special toilet seats or the fitting of optional extras like flush plates or macerators.

We offer toilets and sink basins separately or as packs, and also supply frames and cisterns for those with specific needs.

While you’re thinking about toilets, why not also consider a bidet?

Luckily there are a wide variety of styles and types of toilets and sinks, so you really can be sure that you end up with a loo you love. Toilets and cisterns are available to suit whatever style you’re going for, with standard close-coupled combos being what you can see in most homes these days. There are also more traditional set-ups with high-level cisterns and chain flushes, or much more contemporary designs with angular features rather than a conventional rounded profile.


As for sinks and basins, the same applies – you can really customise every aspect from the taps to the pedestal – you could even forgo the pedestal entirely!


Top Bathroom Trend – to create a really attractive and minimalist look in your bathroom, having a concealed cistern and a wall hung toilet bowl can really emphasise the available space. Pairing this with a minimalist basin with elaborate taps conveys both effective use of space and an eye for design – it’s hard to be trendy and minimalist at the same time but using shapes to your advantage will negate this outcome.


At UK Bathroom Store, we’ve got a toilet and sink to fit in any nook and cranny. Determined to fit in a downstairs loo in the under-the-stairs space? We've got some excellent space saving toilets with built-in basins. These units are also great if you’re trying to save water. If you’ve got the space available and want to add a touch of class to your loo, a bidet is definitely the way to go; popular in Europe, they are still seen as curiosities here so make an easy way to turn your remodelled bathroom into a talking point.


Whatever toilet and basin configuration you want, we have the components you’ll need. Love your loo with UK Bathroom Store.