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Crosswater have been designing and manufacturing bathroom products for over 20 years, so you can be sure they know a thing or two about how to make your bathroom great. Whatever you want from your bathroom, whether it’s a place of luxury, a stylish art piece or a down to earth, family friendly bathroom, Crosswater have more than a few models for you to try out.

Luxury Bathrooms

Crosswater bathrooms are luxurious not only in look, but also in feeling. Made using the finest products, imported from top European designers in countries such as Italy, Switzerland and Portugal, Crosswater’s brassware in particular is of unparalleled craftsmanship.

Your bathroom achieves full luxury feeling when both the look and feel of the products you use are in tune, and of superb quality. Crosswater brassware doesn’t just look the part, it’s the real deal. The materials used are top of the line, using stringent production methods. They’re made to look good, feel good, and offer you the best performance. That means an end to sputtering taps, flaky metal and dripping shower heads, so you’ll never be left disappointed in your bathroom again.

Of course, Crosswater brassware comes in a range of designs that make any bathroom look like luxury. Whether you’re aiming for a vintage or traditional look, a more modern, art deco design or something unique to you, you won’t have to settle for less just to get the right look with Crosswater.

For help picking the right products for your luxury bathroom, call us on 01524 841087 today.

Stylish Bathrooms

Crosswater keep up to date with all the latest bathroom trends, and it really shows in how their products are designed. The latest look is all about clean lines and crisp corners, creating an art deco look with either minimalist or functional design specifications. Crosswater help bring your bathroom into the 21st century by offering you exactly the art deco style you’re looking for, but you’re not just limited to one look; there are plenty of ways to bring your bathroom up to date with the latest trends and still be completely unique.

A common art deco design choice is to make taps and bathroom furniture more square in design to achieve the straight, clean look that the style is all about. Crosswater has plenty to offer in the way of square design, with bathroom furniture that has sharp edges or rounded corners, depending on just how crisp you like your bathroom to look. Crosswater taps follow suit, and the range available is tremendous. Waterfall taps are ideal for art deco bathrooms, but there are also plenty of ‘traditional’ square taps on offer in thinner and thicker shapes, with rounded corners or crisper cuts.

You can also achieve a sense of minimalism with more curved structures, which do away with the extra angles that square bathrooms add in. In one way, this is even more minimalist, allowing you to create a bathroom with no unnecessary features, and of course there are plenty of styles of tap that are both curved and minimalistic in design.

If you’re designing a stylish bathroom and want help finding the most appropriate and up to date products, call us on 01524 841087 and we’ll be happy to help.

Family Bathrooms

Some bathrooms don’t need to be luxurious or stylish, they just need to work for everyone in the family without worrying about the daily wear and tear, clutter and chaos that a family can cause. Crosswater bathrooms are made to last, and to still look good doing so.

Using premium quality materials and designs that make everyone feel at home, your family bathroom will always be a room to enjoy, not to fret over. Nothing should make you feel happier in the morning, evening and at any time you want to relax in a hot bath, which is why Crosswater focus on making a bathroom that is functional, usable and good looking all in one.

For help designing a bathroom for your family, call us on 01524 841087 for advice on the best products and deals for your home.