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  1. Our Top 5 Bathroom Storage Solutions

    Our Top 5 Bathroom Storage Solutions

    Our bathroom should be a place filled with peace and harmony; a space to rest, relax and unwind. However, keeping your bathroom tidy and clutter free can be a real pain especially with all the essential everyday items that take up this valuable space. Clever storage solutions are an absolute must if you want to maintain a clutter free bathroom...
  2. The Great Toilet Roll Debate – Over or Under?

    The Great Toilet Roll Debate – Over or Under?

    It feels as though this debate has been raging as long as the toilet roll has existed. Having your toilet roll facing out or in has sparked many arguments and even been discussed on popular TV programs such as Oprah. Well, regardless of all the debates, there actually is a definitive answer! According to the patent created by the toilet...
  3. Everything you Need to Know About Dog Showers

    Everything you Need to Know About Dog Showers

    Often when we get home from work or a long day, we like nothing better than to indulge in a nice hot shower. Now while we are not saying that your dog wants to unwind in the shower, most dog owners would agree that that their pooch is a much-loved member of the family. It is also a fact that dogs get...
  4. Our Guide to Buying a Shower Bath

    Our Guide to Buying a Shower Bath

    There are many reasons you may choose a shower bath. Ranging in style and shape, shower baths are a practical solution ideal for smaller bathrooms. We have written this guide to help you understand the types of shower bath available and which one will be the right choice for your bathroom layout. Read on to discover everything you need to know...
  5. 6 Reasons to choose Crosswater's CrossBox

    6 Reasons to choose Crosswater's CrossBox

    Updating your showering space can be a truly daunting task, with the sheer volume of shower valves available, deciding how many outlets and what features you will need can get overwhelming. If this is the case for you then the incredibly versatile CrossBox valve from Crosswater could be the answer to your prayers. Here are our six reasons why CrossBox...
  6. Get Ahead of Christmas

    Get Ahead of Christmas

    The temperature’s dropping steadily as this is being written, and that can only mean one thing; winter is coming. A lot of frozen pipes lie ahead, which means a lot more call on plumbers’ time. Add in Christmas and New Year holidays in December and you get some very full calendars. If you’ve had your eye on installing new fixtures...
  7. Look in the Mirror

    Look in the Mirror

    It’s getting rarer for bathrooms not to boast a mirrored cabinet near the sink. It may be the only mirror in the place; either way, it’s likely that your cabinet serves two purposes and brings a double meaning to the phrase ‘look in the mirror’ – a quick check that you’ve wiped away all the excess shaving foam or cleaned...
  8. Aquarius Skara – Soaking in the Elegance

    Aquarius Skara – Soaking in the Elegance

    When it comes to your new bathroom, there’s no finer choice than something stylish, sleek and modern. As trends move to clean, straight edges, we think that the Aquarius range’s Skara products are a stunning combination of what makes sharp lines so attractive in bathroom design whilst retaining a unique sense of identity. The result is as eye-catching as it...
  9. The New Wave: Wetrooms

    The New Wave: Wetrooms

    When we were kids, the common complaint after a shower, especially in a big family where someone else would need to use it not long afterward, was that we’d tracked water all over the floor. It gets everywhere, it doesn’t drain – there were, and are, so many complaints. The fact of the matter is that a traditional bathroom may...
  10. New Year, New Bathroom

    New Year, New Bathroom

    January’s started comfortably now and, let’s face it, most of our New Years’ Resolutions are already petering out or already dead in the water. Still, a new year does feel like it needs to be properly marked in some way; redecorating or renovating a room in the home is a common reaction. And why not, after all? Why Not Update...

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