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  • New Year, New Bathroom

    January’s started comfortably now and, let’s face it, most of our New Years’ Resolutions are already petering out or already dead in the water. Still, a new year does feel like it needs to be properly marked in some way; redecorating or renovating a room in the home is a common reaction.

    And why not, after all?

    Why Not Update Your Bathroom?

    It may not be something you think about all that often, but your bathroom is one of the places you’ll spend a lot of your time – and the design of bathroom fixtures and fittings is constantly developing.

    new years

    Consider the Aquarius range, which blends state-of-the-art engineering, design, and high-quality manufacture with advances in construction that make for a fast, easy, and above all, watertight fit.

    Building a new design around an Aquarius bath or shower provides a better experience every time, gives you long-term piece of mind about your plumbing, and gives you that satisfied New Year feeling of achievement.

    More generally, it’s still worth taking a moment to ask yourself if the shower you currently have is up to date, or if it’s time to upgrade the bathroom as a whole. We’ve looked at a number of potential options for that already in our Bucket List Bathroom series, from the Devoted Reader through the Sumptuous Shower to the Comfortable Combination, and any of those might set your imagination going.

    Keeping Up with Changes

    Food for thought; the Aquarius range that we mentioned before carries a 10-year guarantee when you order it from us at UK Bathroom Store.

    And that’s the guarantee period for products made to today’s standards with today’s materials, designed with today’s understanding of technology and the wear and tear that the plumbing in your home takes.

    Has it been ten years since the last time you replaced your bath, shower, toilet or sink? Has it been longer? Something failing and a plumbing nightmare engulfing your house could be years away – but if it’s been some time, then remember that the clock is ticking.

    That’s why we recommend considering replacements regularly. Even if you don’t upgrade, it’s good to take the time and ask yourself if you need to.

    If you’re not sure, then please, get in touch. We’ll happily offer expert advice.

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017 to All Our Customers

    As December gets rolling and the team here at UK Bathroom Store turn out to have already opened most of the doors on our Advent calendar and made off with the sweet stuff, Christmas is definitely on the horizon.

    christmasIt’s traditional at this time of year to reflect on what’s past and what’s yet to come, and from our perspective, it’s been a busy year – and that’s good. We’ve dealt with a lot of customers, domestic and in the trade alike, and we’re confident that we’ve made bathrooms across the country more comfortable, better looking, better heated and even, in some cases that badly needed bringing up to date, more efficient.

    From our perspective, it’s hard to complain about a year with a record like that, and we hope that for you reading this you’ve had a year of success too, and happiness, and progress.

    Whatever the case, to all our customers, past, present and future alike, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year from everyone on the team. Remember, on into 2017 nothing will change – we’ll still be here whenever you need new fixtures, fittings, or accessories for your bathroom, and we’ll still work hard to get you the low prices and expertise you need.

    See you in the New Year!

  • Order Early – December’s Shorter Than You Think

    With long, dark nights and a chill that sees everyone on your street have to break out the de-icer, scrapers, or leave the car running for a while to warm up, the amount of time people give themselves to get things done outside of the working day gets smaller and smaller through December – and that big block of holiday at the end of the month doesn’t help!

    Here to Help

    UK Bathroom Store is standing by to supply our trade and domestic customers with anything you need in this chilly, frozen time. Whether you’re worried about the risk of frozen pipes or you’re looking at upgrading your shower so you can stay warm and comfortable during your morning routine – or anything else – we’re here for you.

    But we want to remind you – this is a time of year when delivery services are stretched to their limits. It’s a time when our friends in the trade may have to deal with invoices owed to themWintery Scene being processed later than expected as banks and businesses start to break up for the festivities.

    We recommend, outside emergencies, ordering early to make doubly sure you have what you need in time.

    Don’t Overlook Anything

    For our domestic clients, we present a quick reminder; if you have older or infirm relatives coming to stay for the holidays, do you have something to allow easy bathing? The Sagittarius Pebble Bath Mat is currently on sale and can help guard against slipping in the tub, and there are plenty of other easy bathing options if you’d prefer.

    Whatever it is you need, now is absolutely the time to make sure you have it to hand.

    By doing this, you also allow us to service any emergency customers more easily – so it’s not just helping yourself, but also everyone else in need of support this holiday season.

  • Winter is Coming: Look to the Throne


    As November looms ahead of us we can expect the British winter to finally rear its head soon. The first frosts are beginning to glisten on cars across the nation, and at this time of year our thoughts inevitably turn to keeping the house warm.

    Now more than at any other time of year should we be asking how warm the bathroom is. After all, we spend an astonishing amount of our time there, and a not-insignificant amount of that time we spend in states of undress. So heating is essential – but many bathrooms start out with less than they really need, especially when you remember how much time the typical bathroom window spends cracked open.

    Exploring Options

    So what’s the best option? For an existing bathroom, there are two key approaches; you can replace the existing radiator with something better, or you can add a heated towel rail (or, for greater effect, both!).

    There are plenty of options for radiators these days; the convector radiators linked above function much as they do in the rest of the house, but the unique size concerns of a typical bathroom can also make traditional column radiators attractive – particularly super-tall models like the Reina Colona 2 which packs a lot of heating without taking up too much room. You’ll also find that many designer radiators take up less floor space than you’d expect without sacrificing heat.

    Fine Control

    Because your bathroom is the place you’re most often wearing the least, sometimes you may want to keep the heating on there when you’d worry about overheating the rest of your house.

    Almost all the radiators we have in stock can be installed in three separate ways, giving different options for controlling your heating.

    Central Heating

    The simplest of them all, this installation simply sets your new radiator to work alongside the rest of your central heating loop.

    Dual Fuel

    In addition to the standard central heating loop, these dual fuel radiators also have an electric element, allowing you to keep your bathroom warm through the summer without heating the rest of your home.

    Electric Only

    Using the electric element as above, these radiators aren’t linked to the central heating loop (making them comparatively easy new fits) and instead are filled with custom-synthesised oils designed to heat quickly and to retain that heat for a long time. These let you control your bathroom’s heating completely independently of the rest of the house.

    The Sky’s the Limit

    When designing or rebuilding a bathroom, of course, you want to take future winters into account – and you have one extra option to hand when you do, and it’s a great one!

    Underfloor electric heating can change the whole feel of a room, and when standing barefoot on tiles that gently radiate warmth, there’s an immediate and instinctive reaction – any human has it; it’s the same reason that walking on a warm beach feels so good.

    Setting that up, with a towel rail to keep those toasty-warm for when you step out of the shower, will give you exactly what you need from your bathroom – so next time you remodel, plan ahead.

  • Change the Way You Shower

    Before there were power showers, it was common to have to avoid using any other water outlet in the house when someone was taking a shower in case you threw the temperature of the shower violently off, drenching the unfortunate bather in scalding hot or freezing cold water.

    In the early days of power showers, you still faced issues with temperature control. While those days are now well past, the memories are so strong that they fuelled comedy from Eddie Izzard and Mitchell & Webb. It’s become part of our shared experience, despite no longer being true in the world of modern showers.

    Of course, a temperature knob (or whatever name you want to give it) can give very precise control, and modern ones do – but that very precise control doesn’t mean it’s always easy to see if it’s on the setting you’d prefer, especially if you share a house with others who want them hotter or colder.

    For anyone in that situation, the solution has arrived – and these days, it’s available at a reasonable price point.

    Digital showers give precision in information as well as control. They’re easily adjusted and make sure that everyone knows exactly what they’re getting – and several, including the Mira Platinum and Mira Vision ranges, can be remotely controlled, allowing you to start the shower up and get it up to temperature while you prepare everything else – and leaving you absolutely certain what kind of temperature you’re about to step into.

    And, in fact, at the time of this writing, the Mira Platinum range is also on sale here. If you’re looking to trade up in shower models or have a new bathroom to equip, there’s never been a better time to look into the digital revolution in showers.

    Change the way you shower. Take total control – without taking it away from those you share a house with.

    Showers have improved year on year since the advent of the power shower. Keep in touch with UK Bathroom Store and you’ll be able to keep up with the wave of innovation; for more detail, you can fill out our contact form or call 01524 841087.

  • What’s In A Name? Why the Vanity Unit is So Much More

    Unit so vain, you probably think this blog is about you

    vanity unit We call them vanity units because they hide the plumbing, and the idea was that this preserves the homeowners’ ‘vanity’ – which seems odd, from a modern perspective. But the name has stuck.

    It’s an unwritten rule that where plumbing is concerned, it should be hidden.

    Most baths are fitted with side panels to do just that, and where free standing baths reveal it, it’s to make a feature of beautiful chrome or brass-plated pipework. But nobody calls these panels ‘bath vanities’ – and yet they do less than the humble vanity cabinet.

    Making the Most of Space

    We use our bathrooms in two moods; when we need to act quickly and efficiently, and when we want to take our time, relax, and unwind. In many ways, your bathroom has to be one of the most flexible rooms in your home.

    For efficiency, you need everything to be in the right place, and to be easily accessible. The additional storage of the vanity unit – especially as it’s positioned right by the basin – allows you to store bathroom essentials (and some luxuries, like bath salts) for quick access when they run out.

    No more desperately wishing there was another roll of toilet paper!

    But just as important – if not more so – are the times you go there to relax and unwind. After all, you’re in there for much longer at a time that way.

    Having everything neat and tidy and out of the way gives an immediate benefit to your relaxation. There’s no part of your awareness nagging at you that something’s out of place, or that a pyramid of toilet roll is sitting in the corner, or whatever it happens to be.

    A vanity unit allows you to make the most of the room’s space. It takes an area which is already occupied by the sink basin and allows you to double-up on its use, keeping storage handy and out of site while freeing up space – and as you’ll already know, it’s much easier to relax when there’s a little open space around you than when you’re confined.

    Looking Fine

    While we do feel that there’s more to a vanity unit than vanity alone, it has to be said that the sheer variety available means that you can always find one that works with your bathroom’s current aesthetic and helps it to look even better.

    When choosing your vanity, always take appearance into account as well as its dimensions. If you’re not sure what to go with, you can always get in touch, either online or by calling 01524 487679.

  • Bucket List Bathroom #3: The Comfortable Combination

    Your bathroom is one of the most familiar places in your home. It’s a place of solitude, reflection, of relaxation after a long day and preparation for another day to come. It’s often a place people hurry through, but it doesn’t have to be.

    In this ongoing series, we’ll be taking a look at dream bathroom restoration projects. These are the kind of safe havens you can really relax in.

    These are the fanciest of the fancy; the Bucket List Bathrooms.

    Prior to now we’ve considered a bathroom built entirely around relaxing in a long bath and a way to make a shower sumptuous, but the fact is that for many homes around the country, both baths and showers are wanted, and while there are many ways to get both, the combination is one of the best ways to do it.

    That’s why we’re looking at the Comfortable Combination design philosophy this time around, where a shower bath takes pride of place – and we’ve chosen the Imperial Indulgence Shower Acrylic Bath as our suggested model.


    The Comfortable Combination philosophy is built around being a pleasant place to be for brisk, efficient showers and for long, luxuriating soaks in the tub both.

    Choose and place your bathroom furnishings carefully. If you usually shave in the shower, you might take a leaf from our recent look at shaving mirrors and mount an extendible Bristan Solo EXTMR C on the shower wall, or you might go with a lit, mirrored bathroom cabinet, but the theme throughout the Comfortable Combination making the most of the room you have; a bucket list bathroom in any size space.

    Another item of use whether you shower or soak; a liquid soap dispenser, mounted on the wall of the bath at around waist height, is accessible from both positions and removes the need for much of the clutter that often causes problems for shower bath designs.

    Heated towel rails within arm’s reach of the shower end of the bath are highly recommended (but then, they usually are) to make sure there’s no moment of sudden cold air against the skin after you leave the water.

    Throughout the design of the Comfortable Combination, you should be asking yourself whether there’s a way to do this more quickly, a way to cut down on moving about. For those looking to shower and go, the efficiency is a major boost; for those more concerned with the opportunity to soak, every second saved is another second in the tub.

  • Making the Right Choice Easier to Find

     basin and toilet comboHere at UKBS we’re hearing more and more plumbers calling to ask us the same question, and we think that those of you in the trade who haven’t heard – and those of you just looking to outfit your bathroom or your downstairs toilet – deserve to hear the answer too.

    It’s true – the Aquarius Combination Toilet Basin SpaceSaver is a cheaper product and a faster fit than the Sanlamere Caroma Profile, but without sacrificing quality or comfort.

    Combination toilet and sinks like these have been quietly securing their foothold in the market for a while now thanks to their compact, space saving nature, but one of the standard knocks against them has always been that plumbing them in is cumbersome and time-consuming and that they cost too much.

    For a long time, that’s been true, but we at UKBS are happy to report that the Aquarius Combination is helping to change both. The Aquarius range is all designed to be easy to fit, and this model in particular turns a three-hour job into a thirty-minute job without losing out on long-term wear and tear or quality of the watertight seals required.

    That on its own was enough to get the trade telegraph working, with plumbers who discovered how quick and easy they are to install delighted to find a way to save time without compromising on quality.

    But when you compare the price – with RRP on the Aquarius half of what the Sanlamere model’s RRP is – the difference becomes too big not to mention. At UKBS we always keep our prices as low as we can, to make sure our customers get the best deals in the business – so here a Sanlamere Caroma will set you back less than £800. For what you get that’s still a great price, but the Aquarius Combination is currently on a sale for £399!

    Make the right choice for your bathroom, but when you’re making that choice, don’t overlook the Aquarius Combination. It’s been one of the best kept secrets of the plumbing trade, but more of you deserve to know!

  • Small Changes, Big Differences 2: The Shaving Mirror

    One of the things that means bathrooms stay the same, unchanged, year on year is the pervasive belief that if you can’t completely redo them, there’s nothing really that makes sense to do.

    So far, so good – if it were true. Of course, it’s not; these rules of thumb so rarely are, especially those which double as an argument that nothing really needs to be done.

    In this series, we’ll be looking at small changes to your bathroom that can make a very big difference.

    Small Change #2: The Shaving Mirror

    Not every bathroom has a shaving mirror, but the vast majority do. Sometimes it’s the reflective surface of their bathroom cabinet, sometimes something purpose-made.

    Using your bathroom cabinet has its benefits, usually in terms of saving space. But what do you do if you don’t have a mirrored cabinet, or if you want to step up your game and make an improvement? What choice do you make?

    A good shaving mirror magnifies with minimal distortion. They’re often supplied double sided, with one side magnified and the other not.

    A good shaving mirror is also movable, so that you can see any angle you need to without either stretching your neck or contorting yourself in any other way. At this point they divide down into two types; they might be mounted but extendable, like the Bristan Solo EXTMR C, or they might be free standing, like the Miller 682 C.

    Either one of these adds a touch of class and flexibility to the bathroom it’s in while also providing a better service to those who want to shave. It’s a small change – but it adds so much to the bathroom it’s in, and even those who don’t shave will find that it adds to their experience.

    Shaving mirrors were invented to provide a new perspective that the bathroom needed, one that traditional mirrors couldn’t help with. That has turned out to be useful, not just in shaving, but for everyone.

  • Bucket List Bathroom #2: The Sumptuous Shower

    Your bathroom is one of the most familiar places in your home. It’s a place of solitude, reflection, of relaxation after a long day and preparation for another day to come. It’s often a place people hurry through, but it doesn’t have to be.

    champagne bucket

    In this ongoing series, we’ll be taking a look at dream bathroom restoration projects. These are the kind of safe havens you can really relax in.

    These are the fanciest of the fancy; the Bucket List Bathrooms.

    Bucket List Bathroom #2: The Sumptuous Shower

    Typically, a bathroom built around a shower is designed on the concept of efficiency; it’s all about getting people in and out in as short a time as possible without skimping on cleaning. The shower is seen as the faster way to be washed, and by and large no allowances are made for lingering under the spray enjoying the steady drum of warm water on your shoulder blades.

    But there’s no reason whatsoever for that to be the case, and the humble shower can be every bit as luxurious and sensual as a bath. I’m not just thinking, here, of aromatic shower gels filling the air with beautiful scents or of expensive, soft shower sponges; the whole thing can be a feast for the senses from the bathroom itself up.

    Walk-in showers are best for this, of course, as they give you room to move about and the confidence of knowing you’re not about to bang your elbow on something. A shower enclosure like, say, the Aquadart AQ2097 Walk-In & Side Floor to Ceiling Post – tasteful if simple in design, with a classic elegant style all its own – even opens up room to invite in someone else if that’s your kind of thing.

    An excellent shower – personally I recommend one of our range of digital showers for the extra control over flow and temperature – lets you tailor your shower experience not just to your individual needs but your individual desires. The tasteful dark black-and-chrome detailing of the Sumptuous Shower plays well against both stronger pastel and deep, rich colours and perhaps some minimalist art elsewhere in the bathroom, completing the visual treat.

    As ever a heated towel rail close at hand for those leaving the enclosure is a must. Ideally, it should be close enough that you can begin towelling off and exit, wrapped in a warm, soft towel, before leaving the warmth of the shower itself.

    For shower tidy purposes in the Sumptuous Shower, we recommend something simple, elegant, and minimalist; something that won’t get in the way but will be there when you need it.

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