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The Aquarius brand’s offerings are designed with reliability, price, and looks in mind. The idea is simple – high-end quality and style available at unbranded prices, so everyone can have a great-looking bathroom ready to endure. Perfect for those in the trade and homeowners on a budget alike!

Most components for Aquarius products are manufactured in Europe and a great deal of care is taken to make them as sturdy and hardwearing as possible.

Aquarius baths, showers, radiators, and more are all available, and all manufactured with the same goals in mind.

Aquarius Bathroom


Any Aquarius product provides the aesthetic appeal of a high-end branded item at an unbranded price point. Combined with our ten year guarantee you can feel confident that your money is being spent wisely.

The quality of Aquarius products stands out from the rest of the unbranded market.


Once an Aquarius product is fitted, it’s hard-wearing and built for purpose. For example, Aquarius taps are almost 100% brass with a precision-engineered chrome finish layer using the very best chroming techniques available and the highest quality cartridges, designed to last.

Making sure each product can withstand heavy use, not just regular wear and tear, was a clear design priority – that’s why all Aquarius baths are made in Armatura Plus reinforced, designed to stand up to the hardest punishment one of the most-used rooms in a house can dig out.

Aquarius bathroom furniture is manufactured to the highest grade, so where some unbranded alternatives will allow moisture to seep inside over time, Aquarius products are far less likely to suffer – meaning better longevity for each piece while retaining a look that’s second to none.

Ease of Fit

By innovating various fast fit designs, the Aquarius range has become not only faster to install but also easier. For those in the trade, the speed is a delight, and DIY enthusiasts have been keen to see how much simpler the process is when they set out on it.