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Vado have been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise, the most prestigious official UK award that a business can receive. The quality of their bathroom fixtures is beyond question, and whether you want a shower, elegantly designed taps, or the perfect bathroom furniture and fixtures to suit your bathroom's look, there's sure to be a Vado product to suit your tastes.


Vado see the virtue in specialising in a few things, and doing them exceptionally well. Their showers come in a variety of styles to match any bathroom, and all of them look absolutely stunning. In fact, there's enough aesthetic appeal in their shower fixtures alone to suggest the rest a bathroom's style if need be, so why not browse through their collection and see which of their many designs sparks your imagination?

And not only that, but the engineering and design quality of Vado showers is such that you can expect good, reliable water pressure and flow, with minimal drip after each shower and an end to flaky metal coating.

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One of the most impressive things about Vado's range of taps is just that word; range. The variety on offer runs the gamut from futuristic to rococo, with a wide variety of more traditional designs in chic functional and ornately decorative modes.

Vado manufactures such a wide assortment, in fact, that you can do something that's arguably never been possible before and actually think about your choice of taps as a way to express yourself. There's something here for every conceivable taste.

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Bathroom Furniture

Whether you need a fixed or free-standing shaving mirror, a larger bathroom mirror – with or without a light surrounding it or a cabinet behind it – or smaller accessories like toothbrush and toilet roll holders, soap caddies, robe hooks, towel rings, or shower baskets, Vado has you covered, and in all these categories their trademark high-quality machining and innovative design ensures you'll always have a range of options to suit all aesthetics and budgets.

You can even choose all these accessories from the same design range, guaranteeing a beautiful theme running through your bathroom, or mix and match for a more eclectic style that better encapsulates your particular aesthetic.

Within Vado's field, it's hard to pick out any competitor who absolutely has the edge; which you choose comes down to personal taste – and Vado gets an advantage there, simply by how many different options they have for different tastes. Make our catalogue of Vado products your first port of call when outfitting a bathroom – you'll only rarely want to look further.

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