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It’s no surprise that Vado have been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The Vado range is a remarkable example of what’s sought after in modern bathroom design.

With such a robust range of bathroom taps, wastes, showers, and accessories, the Vado range is perfect for trade and domestic customers alike.


Whatever is planned for the bathroom, the Vado shower range has you covered. Between the stylish fixed heads and the sleek headsets, you’ll be able to find the ideal blend between a modern, straight-edged look and softer, classical arcs.

The Vado range boasts functionality and elegance in equal measure. There isn’t a single offering that isn’t stunning. If you haven’t settled on the look for your new custom-fitted bathroom, looking at Vado’s showers might be the best place to start. You might well end up shaping your entire bathroom around a Vado shower.



Taps are what pull together the design of every bath and sink, so we know how important it is to ensure these finishing touches meet the character and style of your bathroom. Whatever your style, Vado has the perfect accompaniment.

The range is truly staggering. Whether your bathroom is going for a clean look of flat, sharp lines, or a look that has more soft curves and accents, Vado has exactly what you need – including a line of taps designed for commercial fits and similar jobs.


Furniture and Accessories

Vado’s quality doesn’t stop at the hard fixtures of your bathroom. The same care and chic that the range brings to their showers and taps extends to a fabulous range of furniture.


From the immediately notable features such as bathroom mirrors and cabinets, to smaller details like toothbrush holders and soap dishes, you’ll be able to boast excellence in design in all aspects of your bathroom.