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Whether you're outfitting a bathroom from the ground up, or simply looking to upgrade one or two of the fixtures and fittings, you could do far worse than Ultra Finishing, commonly known as Ultra, who offer a wide range of options for almost anything that has a place in a bathroom.

Ultra are best known for their baths and shower enclosures, for their sinks and toilets, and for their extensive range of bathroom furniture. For the most part, their style is sleek, smooth, and pleasingly minimalist, which makes them ideal for all but the most richly decorated bathrooms. Their simple, attractive designs can blend with almost any existing aesthetic.

Baths and shower enclosures

For the most part, Ultra baths are not free-standing, though they do offer a small range in that style. However, the majority are fitted baths designed to sit snugly against the walls of your bathroom in a wide range of shapes and styles, guaranteeing that no matter what kind of bath you have in mind, Ultra will offer a version, manufactured as always to their trademark high standards.

In addition to this, Ultra offer a number of different shower cabinet and enclosure designs, built to accommodate both sliding and hinged doors, and designed for a compact corner fit or, in the case of the aptly-named Quadrant range, to occupy a more generous amount of the room, allowing the user freedom of movement.

No matter the dimensions of your bathroom, there is something in this selection to suit your needs and budget, without compromising on that simple, lean minimalist style.

Sinks and toilets

Often the parts of a bathroom that receive both the least thought and the most use, sinks and toilets – and the taps to go with the sink – are well covered by Ultra, with a variety of designs that add a certain elegance and appeal to what are often items chosen simply for functionality, with no thought to how they'll appear as part of the assembled bathroom.

With Ultra's sleek, simple designs, it's well worth thinking through which look suits your bathroom best.

Bathroom Furniture

One of the most effective ways to save space, reduce clutter, and generally improve the utility of your bathroom, particularly for a low cost, is to install a bathroom cabinet by the sink, particularly if you can secure one with a mirrored door. Ultra's selection of cabinets, chests of drawers, compact closets and the like is as vast as you could possibly want, catering to any possible combination of dimensions, mounting, portability, number of shelves, and so on.

These are also available in a range of colours and finishes, with plain white, oak, and walnut finish being among the most popular. It's an easy way to give your bathroom new room to breathe, and can be done without sacrificing the room's aesthetic at all. All you need to do is pick out the ideal cabinet for the job.

If you'd like to know more, call us on 01524 841087 for advice on the best products for you.