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A leading light in bathroom glassware, among other things, Simpsons are best recognised for their wide range of baths with shower screens and shower cabinets. These enclosures are some of the best in the industry, due to the extensive experience and focus with which Simpsons approach their craft.

The construction, precision, and design of any Simpsons product is as good as any in the field, to the high standards required whenever a watertight seal is required from a hinged panel or other doorway.

Shower curtains are often ineffective and tend to be awkward when you're having a bath, as you can either leave them outside the tub to drip or deal with their presence occupying a corner of the tub.

They're a solution from yesterday to a problem we have more fully addressed today, and Simpsons is at the forefront of helping households replace their old curtains with a more elegant solution that better addresses the problem without creating new issues of its own.

Baths with Shower Screens

More and more households are adding shower units to their bathrooms. The option to take a shower speeds up the daily wash – something which can be essential when a family all need to get ready in the morning – and they make washing your hair vastly easier.

As most households don't want to abandon the bath altogether, and as shower curtains are an inelegant solution which causes as many problems as it solves, Simpsons' baths with shower screens are among the best options out there.

Whether framed or frameless, the screen can be fitted exactly to the bath in question, ensuring a secure seal which will also be easy to reposition when using the bath as a bath – and unlike shower curtains, the screen only needs a quick spray with cleaning fluid and a wipe down in order to stay clean.

Why not overhaul your bathroom's look while you add a shower unit? A new bath purpose-built to have a shower incorporated will work so much better than simply adding the unit alone.

Shower Enclosures

If you haven't got the room for a bath, or you've chosen to set it aside, a shower enclosure is the way to go. With an appropriate tray manufactured by Simpsons for the base, you can choose from one of a wide range of possible styles of shower cabinet or other enclosure which matches perfectly to the shower tray, ensuring a perfect seal.

Simpsons' shower enclosures are a perfect combination of precision engineering, durable materials, and high design standards. Their designs allow for a deep walk-in cubicle or a slimline corner model making a more economical use of space, and everything in between, allowing you to tailor your shower experience to your bathroom and to your family's needs while still having a wide choice of styles to suit the look of any bathroom.

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