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Pura Showers

The Pura Bathrooms brand offers a wide range of shower options to suit any bathroom, with brassware to match.

One of the key appeals of the Pura brand, along with its high build quality, is that its sub-brands each have their own distinct design identity.

Whether you prefer the almost nautical designs of the Exige, the stark right angles and heavy, strong shapes of Bloque, or any of their other styles, you can pick out a Pura shower head and brassware that mirrors your shower head’s look.

But the true beauty of these sub-brands is that you can still create an individual combination within them to make your bathroom shower stand out from the next. Supported by a Pura shower pump,  you get great functionality, sturdy, long-lasting build quality, and beautiful design all out of the same set.

You can even tie your shower together with the rest of your bathroom by looking at the same Pura sub-brand for baths, pottery, and bathroom furniture.

Pura offers several different visions for your shower; which one matches your own?

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