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Aquarius Bath and Shower Enclosures

Designed not just for style but also to provide the best possible shower experience, Aquarius shower enclosures are manufactured in Europe and machined to the same high standards customers have come to expect from the line.

One feature that’s well worth noting is in the Talla Hidden Waste Ultra Low Profile Shower Trays -  where the waste is recessed into the border and made of the same material as the rest of the shower tray, avoiding stubbed toes and keeping the tray’s lines clean, simple, and tidy.

Talla trays are also suitable for wetrooms.

All Aquarius shower trays are made of capped stone resin to give many years of hardwearing use, and the glass enclosures have a micro layer of Armaclean applied to the inside to better prevent scale and grime build-up.

Aquarius enclosures are easy to fit and provided branded quality at unbranded prices. Choosing Aquarius means your new shower will last much longer and provide far fewer problems along the way.

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