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Called by some “the industry's best kept secret”, Saneux is a brand you're sure to fall in love with in years to come. Already developing a reputation for high standards of manufacture and excellent, innovative design among those in the know, Saneux also distinguish themselves by doing what very few brands are willing to do; they have offerings in every category of the bathroom industry, from baths, through shower packages, down to the smallest fixtures and fittings.

It's possible to assemble a fully Saneux bathroom, with shower, bath, or both, without being limited to a pre-packaged bathroom suite. While that isn't unheard of, it's also far from the usual approach, with most companies choosing to focus on excellence in only one area.

Yet Saneux are succeeding, and the results are a variety of bathroom ranges tailored to various budgets and styles.

Luxury Bathrooms

Saneux's high-end ranges are very suitable for any approach to a luxury bathroom, whether you want it to look like a blast from the past or a glimpse of the future of bathing. State of the art materials ensure a hardwearing, durable bathroom that can cope with the rigours of regular family use, while excellence in design and attention to detail promise a beautiful appearance and a comfortable bathing experience.

Saneux products from these ranges will create a bathroom so luxurious you'll feel inspired to bring the rest of the house up to their standard. And, because Saneux' ranges will complement one another, you can put that bathroom together tailored precisely to your own personal tastes.

For help picking the right products for your luxury bathroom, call us on 01524 841087 today.

Family Bathrooms With Style

If that level of luxury is outside your budget, or if your concerns are more about a bathroom which can cater to everyone in your family, get everyone cleaned and ready to head out by the time school and work begin, and occasionally cope with a child coated in mud from rugby or hockey and the intermittent and always-challenging task of bathing the dog, then don't despair, because the sturdy construction and sleek designs of Saneux mean you can still put together a bathroom with undeniable style.

It used to be the case that below a certain budget, all bathrooms looked much the same, possibly with a slight change in colours. Happily that's no longer the case, and using Saneux products alone, you can create a number of striking and distinct styles for a bathroom without exceeding a modest budget, and then rest comfortably in the knowledge that not only does your bathroom look stunning, but it can take the wear and tear of everyday life without losing that style.

There really is no good reason why a family bathroom shouldn't look as good as any other. If you want to try putting together a design like that, there's no better reason to call us on 01524 841087 today.