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Royce Morgan specialise in free-standing baths, and that dedication has made them one of the most important brands in luxury bathrooms – a single glance at the Qube, the Exquisite, or the Elegant tells you instantly how enjoyable and satisfying it would be to sink into a warm bath in that style, enjoying the ambience surrounding you and the sensation of the bath itself.

Baths For The Luxury Bathroom

For the most part, Royce Morgan baths can be divided into two broad categories; the traditional image of the free-standing bathtub or a modern reimagining of the concept. It almost goes without saying that both styles remain the very picture of sybaritic luxury, a holdover from an age that knew how to find pleasure in the simple act of bathing.


If you want your bathroom to feel like a place where you can retreat from the world and bask for a while, the various designs Royce Morgan has on offer really should be the first options to spring to mind.


Consider the dimensions of your bathroom, your height and the heights of your family or frequent guests, and the style of your bathroom as a whole when narrowing down your options to help you zero in on the right look for you – or, if you'd prefer, you could always pick out the bath you most like the looks of and revamp your bathroom to match. A bath is always one of the most important components of a bathroom, and easily the biggest, after al. Why not build out from your bath and ensure that everything matches the atmosphere you want to create?


Once everything is in place and your new luxury bathroom is complete, running that first bath will be an exercise in anticipation, followed by the first of many delightful long soaks. After all, Royce Morgan baths are designed and built to enjoy a little while each day in private luxury, but they're also built to the kind of exacting standards their more traditional designs hark back to.


A free-standing bath from Royce Morgan will be with you without issue for a long time; they're built to the highest standards of quality, so you can enjoy true peace of mind about your bathroom and set aside concern. A bath should be a place which refreshes and recharges the bather, after all; it can hardly do that if it's a source of nerves on its own.


Any bathroom will look better and be more deeply enjoyed for the addition of a Royce Morgan bath. The only question that may give you pause is which Royce Morgan bath you'd prefer – and if you're having difficulty choosing between them, then never forget that professional advice can be had from us with just a visit or a phone call.


If you want to be sure that everything is right for your luxury bathroom, call us on 01524 841087 today.