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Roper Rhodes are a quintessential British bathroom manufacturer, creating some of the best UK bathroom products for making your home welcoming, comfortable and friendly. A Roper Rhodes bathroom is a great way to make yourself feel at ease and comfortable at the start and end of every day.

Feels Like Home

Roper Rhodes offer a humble take on modern bathroom trends, embracing both the sleek, clean lines of minimalist form, and the homely, comfortable feeling that a bathroom should provoke. All that is to say that a Roper Rhodes bathroom is both fashionable and friendly, effortlessly combining stylish bathroom trends with a relaxed sense of belonging.

Roper Rhodes accomplish this feeling with understated edges, not as sharp as many minimalist styles, nor as accentually rounded. These smooth, satisfying lines mix with an unassuming finish that is at once subtly beautiful and quietly modest. In this way, your bathroom doesn’t end up looking incomplete or empty, but nor is it excessive and extravagant. It contains a welcoming sort of modesty that exemplifies what it is to be British, and is exactly how a home should feel.

Family Owned

For 35 years Roper Rhodes have operated out of the English city of Bath, appropriately for what they do, and to this day they remain a family owned, family oriented operation. This seemingly small fact is what makes Roper Rhodes a great bathroom designer for people who want a homely feeling, since Roper Rhodes remains true to the heart of their business, building bathrooms for families like yours.

Roper Rhodes are committed to providing the very best bathrooms in Britain, and that’s a goal that stays within the family. This also means that they have more than 30 years of continuous experience in providing bathrooms to the British public, from humble beginnings in 1979 to where they are today. They never stop innovating, and are looking for the best solutions to all of your bathroom problems, whether it’s finding bathroom furniture that fits together perfectly, or just finding a traditional set of taps.

Best of British

The perfect bathroom is one that seamless combines form and function to create something that is beautiful to look at but still a pleasure to use. Roper Rhodes seem to have a grasp on what it means to combine form and function, creating some of the most well designed bathrooms in the whole of the UK. The proof lies in how they have gone from a new business to one of the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturers in just three decades.

Roper Rhodes make use of the best British designers and their ideas to put together your perfect bathroom. With 35 years of experience and knowledge, this team knows bathrooms inside and out, and they keep up to date with all the latest trends in design as well as the technology that makes it all work. A bathroom isn’t just about looking good, but it certainly helps when it does. Roper Rhodes and their team fully understand what that means.

Designed For You

Of course, no-one can say they’ve created the perfect bathroom if you can’t find what you’re looking for. That’s why Roper Rhodes create something for everyone, to help you find your perfect bathroom, whatever you’re looking for. With one of the widest selection of ranges in the UK, Roper Rhodes really do design bathrooms for you, whatever it may be that you want.

If you’re having trouble putting together your perfect bathroom, UK Bathroom Store can help. Just give us a call on 01524 841087 and we’ll help you find everything you’re looking for.