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Roman’s desire is to offer the very best in showering at the very best prices, and UK Bathroom Store want to offer you the same. We offer great brands like Roman for prices you can afford to pay.

Selections for Every Price Range

Roman offer something for everyone, enabling you to find a luxury shower at any  price, from their standard ranges, designer selections and luxury living options. A lot of work goes into everything that Roman makes, so even their most affordable options are designed to look and feel both comfortable and luxurious.

Made to Last

Luxury is no good if it only lasts fleetingly, which is why Roman showers, shower enclosures and bath screens are made to last. Designed and manufactured in Britain, one of Roman’s main priorities when it comes to making their showers is to make them to last. Roman use the best materials available to increase the durability of their products and make them easier to maintain, which means less work for you. Their anodised aluminium increases corrosion resistance while also enhancing the natural strength to lightness ratio of the material, while their glass is toughened into safety glass, 5 times stronger than most glass products.

Comfort & Luxury

Roman offer both entry level and fully luxurious shower ranges, all of which are designed to offer you maximum comfort for the price you’re willing to pay. At the bottom end of the scale, the toughened safety glass is made to look pristine and feel smooth, while at the top end of the scale the 10mm thickness with frameless, minimalist finish not only feels great, but looks amazing as well.

Luxury isn’t just about looking good, but also about feeling comfortable, and Roman ensure that your shower is designed to feel great for everyday use. All users’ needs are considered, and after 30 years of experience, Roman know the best way to accommodate everyone and help you feel comfortable every time you shower. Whether that means a style of door you prefer or handles designed to be easier to use, Roman have a solution for you.

British Designed & Manufactured

All Roman products are designed and manufactured in the UK, giving them more control over every aspect of the process and a greater pool of local talent to draw from. Roman own the UK’s largest shower manufacturing plant, helping them to meet the great demand for their products worldwide. This also ensures that they exceed the exacting UK standards for shower manufacture, so that you get the best possible end result.

UK Bathroom Store will help you find the ideal shower, shower enclosure or bath screen for your bathroom from the best that Roman has to offer. Call us now on 01524 841087 to let us help you.