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Premier are one of the foremost UK bathroom brands, offering something for everyone at top quality standards of manufacture. They make sure to keep their product offering constantly up to date, so there’s always something new to look at when you want to renovate or upgrade your bathroom, and UK Bathroom Store will help you find just what you’re looking for.

Modern & Designer Styles

Premier stay on the cutting edge of new and modern designer bathroom styles, so you’re bound to find something exciting when you browse their collection. From stylishly minimalist and straight edge bathroom furniture to the more weird and wacky aspects of bathroom design, such as infinite LED mirrors and designer radiators, Premier are perfect for giving your bathroom a sense of individuality and fashion.

A great way to mix and match Premier bathroom products is to use simple minimalist ceramics for your bath and basins, and then focus on the more outrageous additions for small accessories such as the taps and light fittings. This means a bathroom that is overall easy on the eye, but with a designer twist that adds excitement in a subtle way. Alternatively, stick with the minimalist theme throughout for a completely purist modern bathroom style.

Always New & Up to Date

Premier claim that the key to their success is to rapidly expand into new product groups, and it’s certainly true that they have a lot to offer across the entire prism of bathroom design. One of Premier’s other strengths is that they keep their range of products new, exciting and up to date, so there’s always something for you to see when you want to upgrade your bathroom. With plenty of research into what their customers want, Premier also make sure that they offer some of the best products on the market, made directly for your needs.

It’s not just about changing the products on offer, but making sure to update them with the latest technology and styles of bathroom design, and that’s exactly what Premier do. Their latest product lines are not just new looking, but also incorporate the results of feedback, research and updated bathroom technology to offer you the best bathroom experience every day.

Something for Everyone

Premier offer something for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for. A full bathroom refresh or refurbishment to a minor change of accessories, everything is easy to do with Premier’s full and exciting range of bathroom products. Stylish modern design or something more minimalist, luxury and expensive or simple and affordable, Premier have it all. Their strength comes from expanding into every aspect of the bathroom market and making sure to do every part of it right.

Whatever you’re looking for, UK Bathroom Store will help you find it in Premier’s fantastic range of products. Call us now on 01524 841087 for more information and to find exactly what you’re looking for.