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Phoenix understand that everyone’s tastes are different, but they also understand that everyone craves luxury. That’s why they focus on making their products as stylish, high quality and beautiful as possible, while still offering something for everyone, regardless of taste. The Phoenix range is one of the most flexible, with many items that will fit perfectly into your vision of an ideal bathroom.

Stylish Design

Stylish design is Phoenix’s number one stand out feature. Many bathrooms are designed with the latest trends in mind, and Phoenix offer plenty of options if you’re looking for modern, minimalist and art deco designs, but they’re also the leaders in unique, innovative products that defy that very same minimalist aesthetic.

For minimalists, Phoenix don’t ignore the modern trends, and they have plenty to offer you. Understanding the very simplest forms of bathroom design, Phoenix offer a huge range of products in beautiful white or polished chrome finishes, with clean edges and crisp angles. The skill required to make a bath or sink both minimalist and functional is not lost on the designers at Phoenix, who create items that draw from and emphasise both.

Understanding the basic concepts of bathroom design also allows Phoenix to create different and interesting items as well, though. If you want your bathroom to stand aside from modern trends, Phoenix have one of the most unique and innovative ranges available, and it all flows together neatly, even integrating with pre-existing items to add just a small kink in your design.

Phoenix’s design philosophy extends from their fantastic range of baths and bathroom furniture right down to their smallest bathroom accessories, leaving out no part of your bathroom.

Luxury Products

Stylish design isn’t everything when it comes to bathrooms, and we know that many people prefer to have a product that feels good rather than one that just looks the part. Phoenix offer you both. Using the highest quality materials, Phoenix products are held to strict in-house manufacturing specifications to ensure that the products you receive are as good as they can be. And they won’t just feel good, they will look good too, no matter what you opt for. A Phoenix product is one that is designed to always look, feel and simple be luxurious.

Modern Technology

The look and feeling of luxury is accomplished and added to thanks to the technological innovations that are also part of Phoenix’s designs. These innovations not only add to the look of your bathroom, but very much advance its usability, making it as comfortable and easy to use as it looks, and as it should be.

Phoenix rimless technology creates a toilet that is not only easier to clean and splash-proof, but also more environmentally friendly thanks to the way it flushes. It uses less water more efficiently, saving the planet and your bills.

For true luxury bathing, Phoenix specialise in whirlpool and airpool design, focusing not just on the feeling of being in such an amazing bath, but also on the realities of maintenance. The unique Phoenix V-jet system ensures that the bath is fully drained after use, preventing water from sitting either in the bath or in the pipes below it. With over 30 years of experience in whirlpool design, Phoenix have found the way to make it both luxurious and easy to maintain.

Phoenix taps can come with an Enviro-Click cartridge that allows you to set the water flow to 50% with just the click of a button. This is perfect for morning and evening activities like washing your face or brushing your teeth, where the tap is often left running while not being fully used. Clicking the button allows you to slow the flow of water while performing these routines, then you can click it back again to enjoy the full flow when you need it.

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