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Mira Bathroom Products: Technology & Usability in Design

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Mira is one of the foremost shower brands in the UK, thanks to over 90 years of experience in the industry, and a focus on constant innovation and improvement to give you a better shower. Mira products are more than just a shower, they’re an experience.


Mira offer the best showering experience by using cutting edge technology to deliver an unrivalled experience. Your Mira shower can benefit from a number of technological advances that ensure your shower is everything you need it to be, and more.

Mira Magni-floTM technology improves the flow of water to your shower, so you never need to suffer from a weak shower again. Particularly useful in buildings or areas with poor water pressure, Magni-floTM brings three times more flow to your shower than Mira competitors, and the benefit of a shower that is strong under any conditions.

Even Mira electric showers can add an extra feeling of pressure, without being wasteful on water. Mira AirboostTM technology uses air pressure to increase the flow of water and the feeling of it on your skin, without having to pump any extra water through the showerhead. A great combination of improved pressure and water saving technology.

Finally, of course, Mira Digital Showers are the ultimate technological accomplishment of the era. Not only does a digital shower give you the ability to control it with outside devices, such as a phone or tablet, it also gives you a huge degree of control over the shower itself. Temperature control is direct, accurate and immediate, as is the flow of water. You can even create separate profiles for different people, or just different situations, so there’s no problem with different people having to constantly re-adjust the temperature.


Mira have been making showers since 1921, over 90 years of experience! During this time they have introduced and refined plenty of revolutionary concepts, and have access to some of the best skills and experience that the industry has to offer. They have kept up with the trends in what customers want, and understand how to make it happen. From all of this experience comes a great range of products, with something suitable for every home, and with decades of refinement lending it an unmatched quality.


Mira showers are designed to offer you the best showers you can imagine. This means that they feel good and they work well, in the way that you want them to. Regardless of low water pressure in your area, a sensitivity to the wrong temperature of water and the eternal problem of too many users changing the settings, Mira’s technological advancements have a solution for you.

Mira have multiple ways of improving water pressure, either with their Mira-floTM pump-based technology, or AirboostTM which uses air pressure to increase the flow of water without increasing the amount of water used.

Mira shower systems can even include any number of interesting upgrades, such as a temperature sensor that helps you find the perfect temperature for your shower. Mira 360 shower heads offer another way of adjusting the flow of water, altering the water pattern for a completely different feeling on your skin. Even without 360 showerhead technology, Mira showers are built so that water falls in the shapes most appropriate for improving flow and feeling.


Mira showers don’t just work well, they’re also designed to last. The chrome coating that Mira use is of the same quality as found on ocean-going yachts - a truly tough material that withstands anything that can be thrown at it. Mira electric showers also include ClearscaleTM technology which reduces limescale build by up to 50% for a longer life and better performance. There’s no need to worry about a shower that falls apart under too much use.

Mira don’t just offer great products, but also have a huge range. The right shower is out there for you, and it’s a Mira one. Call UK Bathroom Store on 01524 841087 and we’ll be happy to help you find it.