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Merlyn’s shower doors come in four main series, designed to different specifications to match different needs. All you need to do is find the series that matches your budget and your perfect bathroom design, and you’ll be well on the way to creating your ideal shower enclosure.

6 Series: Affordable Quality

The 6 series is Merlyn’s most affordable and straightforward option, without losing out on any of the high quality manufacturing that goes into everything that Merlyn create. The 6 series of shower doors and enclosures is designed with the budget conscious in mind, as well as people who don’t have space for larger luxury shower enclosures, so you’ll find a whole range of affordable shower enclosures for almost any size and shape of bathroom. Almost any width is achievable, between 670mm and 1915mm, and without compromising a height of almost 2m on your shower enclosure, easily enough to keep all the water in.

The 6 series still come with Merlyn’s lifetime guarantee and their trademark Mershield Stayclear glass, so you’re easily getting your money’s worth and more. Want a shower enclosure or bath screen with affordable quality? Call UK Bathroom Store now on 01524 841087 and we’ll find a Merlyn 6 series for your bathroom.

8 Series: Style and Functionality

Like the 6 series, the 8 series is designed to fit a range of sizes, shapes and budgets, while also offering a more stylish option for those who want it. The slightly thicker 8mm glass option provides something that looks and feels a little sturdier than the 6 series, and is well toughened to match. The sliding doors come with ergonomic handles that offer an easy and comfortable grip, and a satisfyingly smooth closing motion.

As well as their mechanical benefits, the Merlyn 8 series shower doors and enclosures have a broader range of styles and options for greater customisation of your bathroom. To help find the best option for your bathroom, call UK Bathroom Store on 01524 841087 and we’ll help you find your perfect match.

8 Series Frameless: Elegantly Minimalist

Getting into the more stylish and fashionable of Merlyn’s options, the 8 series frameless is proud to be elegantly minimalist. While it retains the sturdy feel of all the 8 series 8mm glass panels, it removes the frame for a much more graceful and delicate appearance. The 8 series frameless is a perfect look for a contemporary, minimalist bathroom suite which wants to cut down on excess features, but still offers the same luxury and assurance of quality that you expect from a Merlyn shower enclosure or bath screen.

You’ll find that the frameless design does a lot to alter the look of the traditional 8 series options, so it’s like having twice as many to choose from. To find the perfect 8 series frameless shower enclosure for your bathroom, call UK Bathroom Store on 01524 841087 now.

10 Series: Exquisite Design

The Merlyn 10 series is the flagship of Merlyn bathroom design, and is lovingly crafted to make the best use of all of their technical knowledge and experience. Using 10mm Mershield Stayclear glass, the 10 series feels and looks as sturdy as it does reliable, while the frameless elements still allow your bathroom to retain a sense of exquisite minimalism. All of Merlyn’s expertise in usability has gone into the 10 series as well, with the smoothest rolling action for the doors, and the most comfortable, natural to use door handles of any of their products.

The Merlyn 10 series even has options for mirrored and smoked black glass, to really make your bathroom beautiful, and is available in heights of 2100mm to make a big impression. Find your perfect Merlyn 10 series shower enclosure by calling UK Bathroom Store now on 01524 841087.

Merlyn offer shower enclosures and shower screens from affordable quality to exquisite design. Choose from one of their 4 main ranges for your perfect shower.