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"Simple, elegant, practical and faultless"

That’s how Lakes describe their products, and they’re not wrong. Lakes want you to have a bathroom you can be comfortable in, and they style their products to help you get exactly what you need.


Lakes specialise in shower enclosures, and they know that there’s no need to overcomplicate the process. You want a shower enclosure that keeps water in, is easy to clean, and looks good, and there’s not much more needed than that. Lakes understand your need for simple solutions, and offer some of the easiest to choose shower enclosures in the UK. Your shower door can open in any way you need it to, whether it’s pivot, bi-fold, slider or just a walk in shower. Framed or frameless, straight or curved, at any size a Lakes shower enclosure and door is exactly what you need it to be, no more, no less.


At the same time, Lakes shower doors are elegantly designed, pristine to look at and welcoming to the touch. Lakes shower screens are coated with their AllClear stay-clean coating on both sides of the glass, which repels water, limescale and soap scum, helping your glass to stay pristine and clear with a minimum of fuss involved in the cleaning. Your shower screen can always look and feel just as good as new thanks to the repellent effects of AllClear. AllClear works by making the surface of the glass much smoother, allowing water to run off it freely rather than getting caught in the minor pits that cover the surface of most glass. In this way, the shower repels grime, and clean water flows easily over the surface, carrying away any dirt before it can stick. Without any effort, your Lakes shower enclosure will always sparkle. It doesn’t get more elegant than that.


Not only does the AllClear technology make your shower look much cleaner, but it also makes it more environmentally friendly. Without the need for a regular deep clean, you can help to protect the environment by using less harmful cleaning chemicals, so your shower is doing a little bit extra for you and the planet. Lakes practicality extends beyond cleaning and also encompasses their shower designs, which are numerous enough to fit in any bathroom. Whatever shape your bathroom is, it’s not likely to have enough space for a shower enclosure that’s the wrong fit, which is why Lakes manufacture so many different designs. Not only do you get an enclosure that’s the right size and that looks good, but you can find one that’s the perfect shape for your bathroom, whether you’re filling a corner, an alcove or planning on using an entire wall. Straight, curved, square and even pentagonal showers are all part of the Lakes range.


Lakes focus on function as well as form, and that means they focus on creating quality shower enclosures. Whatever your perfect shower enclosure, the least you want is a product that always works to its best potential, and that’s what Lakes provide. Lakes use the finest materials available, and all of their products come with a lifetime guarantee, so even if you do find fault, you’ll be able to replace your shower enclosure easily and for free. Lakes go the extra mile to make sure that you won’t find fault, however, and they’re confident that you’ll be happy with your purchase. For help finding your perfect Lakes shower enclosure, call UK Bathroom Store on 01524 841087.