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Of all the things that make a bathroom or shower room look sophisticated, a well made, well fitting bath screen, shower cubicle or shower panel must be at the top. Modern bathroom design revolves around minimalism, and there’s nothing more minimalist than a thin sheet of transparent glass, especially without a frame.

Kudos specialise in bath screens, shower cubicles and shower panels that will make your bathroom look outstanding.

Bath Screens

Kudos bath screens are not just a replacement for your shower curtains, they have much more to offer you. The variety of styles on offer will help you to build a perfect look for any bathroom, whether you’re aiming for art deco or organic, minimalist or extravagant or something unique to you.

Standard: The Standard bath screen is a clean and simple design, with straight edges that fit in well with square style bathroom furniture. This could be considered the most common design of bath screen, but is ideal for a bathroom that doesn’t want too much extraneous detail.

Sail: The Sail design of bath screen is much more at home with bathrooms that are aiming for a rounded look. The curved edge of the sail bath screen is a smooth and clean line, which still works well in a minimalist look, but is equally at home in a bathroom that uses more sweeping curves.

Out-Swing: Out-swing bath screens offer extra functionality over the standard bath screens available. These two panels structures can swing outwards, into the bathroom and away from the bath, making access much easier for entering the bath tub and for cleaning.

In-fold: Much like the out-swing bath screens, in-fold screens make access to the bath and shower much easier for you. In fold bath screens offer an extra layer of stylish design, however, being available in 2-panel, 3-panel and 4-panel designs that have a significant effect on how your bathroom looks. The extra panels add a layer of complexity to the look of your bathroom, without actually being more complex in use, so that if you’re trending away from the minimalist design for something more function based, extra panel in-fold bath screens are perfect.

If you want to discuss the range of Kudos Bath Screens on offer, call us today on 01524 841087.

Shower Enclosures

Kudos are the foremost UK brand for shower enclosures, and it really shows in the design and quality of their products. Kudos shower enclosures are often imitated, rarely matched and never surpassed. Like their bath panels, Kudos design shower enclosures that are specifically made to fit in a range of different bathroom styles without sacrificing functionality and usability.

Original: The Kudos Original collection of shower enclosures contains some of the most popular designs in the UK, in a range of styles that are simultaneously simple and beautiful. Available in straight, bowed and fully curved styles, these enclosures make good use of the space you have available, either to make it as efficient as possible or to make a statement about luxurious excess of room. Doors slide or pivot as required, making these excellent to fill either a corner or a specific alcove in your bathroom.

Infinite: The Infinite range is designed for minimalist bathrooms, using glass to glass seals that allow you to build a shower enclosure without frames, and a versatile range of panels that allow you to fit your enclosure absolutely perfectly into the required space. By using just the right set up, your shower enclosure will take up neither too much nor too little space, for perfection of efficiency.

Ultimateem>: Kudos Ultimate shower enclosures make use of shower panels and door-less design to create amazing walk-in showers. Both straight and curved screens are available, creating a look that perfectly flows together with your current bathroom design, while offering an unrivalled showering experience. Panels are placed to prevent water from leaving the enclosure, but making personal access easy - the ultimate in luxury shower design.

If you want to discuss the range of Kudos Shower Enclosures on offer, call us today on 01524 841087.