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          Impey specialise in showers and especially shower surrounds. If you’re looking for a specialist in shower cubicles, walk in showers and wet rooms, then Impey products should be top of your mind.


      In smaller bathrooms, and for people who don’t feel the need for a bath tub, a shower cubicle is a great alternative. Even a spacious shower cubicle saves room compared to a bath, and they’re much easier to use.

      Impey shower cubicles are designed to be quick and easy to install, so if you’re just making a minor change to your bathroom by adding a shower, you won’t need to re-do the whole thing. They’re also easy to adapt to your bathroom, so if you have a particular niche in your bathroom that needs filling, an Impey cubicle can be made to fill the gap perfectly.

      Making sure that everything in your bathroom works well together is just as important as making sure it’s top quality. Impey shower cubicles also come in a number of fashions, so that you can choose how your bathroom looks. Square or curved design, framed or frameless, your shower cubicle can make a statement about your bathroom that helps it look great.

      For more information about Impey Shower Cubicles, call us on 01524 841087

      Walk In Showers

      Alternatively, you can try a walk in shower. The idea is similar to a cubicle, but looks and feels so much more spacious. The best part about a walk in shower is that there’s no need for doors, you really can just walk in and turn on the shower, no problems.

      Impey really have a lot of support for walk in showers, with numerous options for glass panels and screens, that keep the water from reaching parts of the bathroom floor it shouldn’t; waterproofing options to keep your shower safe; and drainage options so that water drains properly from the wet floor.

      There’s a lot of work involved in setting up a walk in shower, but Impey products help to make it easy and effective. Impey products are designed specifically for the purpose of creating walk in showers, so you won’t be adapting materials to meet your needs, and the end result will be beautiful as well as a pleasure to use.

      For more information on Impey Walk In Showers, call us on 01524 841087

      Wet Rooms

      For an even more ambitious project, a wet room is almost like a walk in shower on a full bathroom scale. Wet rooms take a lot of extra effort to put in, since the entire room needs to be waterproofed, but the end result is the freedom to shower without needing to feel confined to a separate area.

      The same Impey products that help you build an effective walk in shower are excellent for building your wet room. Waterproofing the entire room and most of the walls is a definite must, and something you really can’t afford to use a subpar product on. Drainage and waste options become more complex, but Impey’s products are easy to install and very effective, so that there’s no need to worry about doing it wrong.

      All in all, Impey has all the products you need to make an effective wet room at any size, and you can trust them for quality.

       For help and more information building a wet room with Impey Wet Room products, call us on 01524 841087