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Imperial are one of Britain’s oldest and most prestigious bathroom manufacturers, having been in the business of pottery and ceramics for over two centuries. As you would expect, they use their experience and technical expertise in the ceramics industry well, and when it comes to bathrooms, they’re a deal that’s difficult to beat.


Imperial bathroom products aren’t just another mass machine produced item, they’re carefully hand crafted to perfection by skilled artisans with eye watering attention to detail. When you look closely at an Imperial ceramic, you’ll notice a smoothness and strength that can only come from painstaking practice and hand production. This also means that every piece of Imperial bathroom furniture is created in traditional forms, with real joints and genuine wood. Nothing feels more luxurious in this day and age than knowing that your bathroom had a real person paying close attention to make sure that what you receive is of the highest quality, flawless in design and manufacture.

If that isn’t enough for you, then you should also realise that Imperial bathroom products are made to feel luxurious in more than just their hand crafted perfection. With all their experience, Imperial understand what it is that makes a bathroom comfortable, homely and exquisite, and they’ve used over two hundred years of this knowledge to refine their bathrooms to the elegance you see before you today. From the materials used to the smooth shapes and attention to detail, your bathroom will feel like a luxury experience in every way.


If you’re designing a bathroom in a traditional, classical style, then you should definitely consider Imperial. With more than two centuries of experience in designing ceramics, you can imagine that they not only understand what a classical bathroom should look like, but that they have also perfected it as they have continued to grow. Hand crafting their products allows Imperial to properly appreciate the classical form, since they can continue using the traditional methods that created them, and not rely on a machine to try and imitate them. This also allows them to add imaginative twists to the traditional designs that stop them from becoming stale, without also taking them too far from traditional forms.

A classical bathroom made by Imperial also means traditional materials and manufacturing processes, such as the multiple layers of glaze that lend their ceramics the smoothest of finishes, or the strength inherent in traditional ceramic bathroom furniture. Your bathroom won’t just look classical, it will also feel classical, giving it the totally authentic feeling you’re aiming for.


Of course, Imperial is a company that started in England, and has never left, and they’re proud of their British traditions. British artisans use traditional British techniques to create bathroom furniture that shows off the best of what this country can create. This isn’t just a matter of patriotism, but a matter of tradition and quality. After more than two hundred years, keeping design and production in the heartland of the country where they started means that Imperial can make the most of their experience and traditions to produce bathrooms that are as good as they can possibly be. By keeping on British artisans, they keep the knowledge of generations of workers that a machine can never truly learn.

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