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The watchwords for Hudson Reed are style, innovation, quality, and luxury, and there really is no part of that which you can fault them for not following through on. Hudson Reed fixtures and fittings fill a wide range of needs when equipping a bathroom, and every single piece is emblematic of those four words.

Baths and Showers

Always dominant in the style of a bathroom, these are also at the core of their purpose. It's no surprise that so many well-made, well-designed pieces are available from Hudson Reed, including one of their luxurious specialities, the 'Super Deep' range, for when those long soaks in the bath need to reach and reinvigorate every part of the bather. Luxury, quality, and style all in one beautiful package.

Hudson Reed's showers show a similar level of attention to detail and passion in their design; reliable, well-executed machines creations with a long life expectancy throughout which they can be expected to look stunning. They don't make enclosures for their showers, though some of their bath models are designed as combinations.

Toilets and Sinks

For many firms, the design of toilets and sinks seems like an afterthought, with far more energy going into even the taps for the sinks than the bowl itself. Not so with Hudson Reed; their watchwords innovation and style shine through at a single glance.

It takes a little longer, the chance to actually use them, to see the luxury within, and it takes the kind of daily use they're often put to to the extent of the quality to truly emerge; not only are they well made, but they stand up to heavy use without wear and tear.

While this is an often neglected area of bathroom design, they are, nonetheless, perhaps the parts of a family bathroom which see the most use;

Bathroom Furniture and Heating

Once again, innovation and style shine through at a glance when it comes to Hudson Reed's range of designer radiators and heated towel rails, though as the name of the Brunel reminds us, their designs may innovate but they are always aware of the inspirations and successes of the past. Sleek, efficient, beautiful to look at and easy to maintain – typical of Hudson Reed, and a pleasure to have in your home.

Their bathroom furniture is just as well-thought-out, and shows the same dedication of quality manufacture and to style. Blending the usual contemporary finishes and colours with some more unique shades and combinations is a great step forward in flexibility for the design of your bathroom, particularly when wall-hung and free-standing varieties are both well catered for. And, of course, while any other brand of brassware will work well with these units, you don't need to look any further than Hudson Reed's own range.

If you’re designing a stylish bathroom and want help finding the most appropriate and up to date products, call us on 01524 841087 and we’ll be happy to help.