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Heritage base their bathroom designs on modern trends to help you achieve a bathroom that looks stylish and up to date. Staying ahead of the curve on bathroom fashion, Heritage bathrooms don’t just look great in the moment, they’ll continue to look great for years to come thanks to the consistency of the design and their inherent timelessness.

Art Deco

The art deco style is a modern, 20th century invention that embraces the straight lines and symmetry of computerised and machine design. In fact Art Deco does more than embrace these styles.It takes them a step further, entering into the realms of minimalism, where excess decoration is removed for a clean look.

Art Deco bathrooms use a lot of straight lines and rectangular shapes, sometimes with curved corners for a softer feel, sometimes retaining the sharp look of traditional minimalism.Heritage supply bathroom products to fit both styles. The rectangular, sharp edge clear minimalism, and the curved corners of a more relaxed style are both available for your bathroom.The taps pictured above are a perfect example of the minimalist, Art Deco style that Heritage are experts at achieving.

The lines are straight and clean, and the levers used to control the taps fit comfortably next to the taps themselves, so that almost no extra space is required, and no space is wasted.A bathroom in the Art Deco style follows suit, making sure that every item is flush against the wall, with no space wasted and no extravagant features.

For more about the minimalist, Art Deco style of Heritage, and how your bathroom can achieve it, talk to us on 01524 841087


The so called ‘Traditional’ style can be divided into two parts, which might be thought of as ‘vintage’ and ‘classic’. Vintage bathrooms emulate the older style of bathroom, akin to what the Victorians and Edwardians might have used.

Classic bathrooms can be considered more timeless, being the style that you most expect to see when you think of a bathroom. Both of these traditional forms make use of stylised curves and a softer look, making your bathroom feel warm and welcoming.Much of the difference between these two forms comes from the rest of the decor in your bathroom, including the tiling, colour scheme and accessories, but also comes down to how stylised you want your bathroom to look.

Vintage bathrooms will have a lot more excessive flourishes in the design than a classic bathroom, but you could still make use of a classic style of bath in a vintage bathroom, provided the mood is right.For a true vintage feeling, copper and dark woods are ideal, perhaps with black and white tiling. Extravagance is preferred for this vintage style, but not necessary if the colour scheme is right. Classic design might prefer to stay away from these colours, and opt for fresh colours, like pale greens, or warm colours like yellows and oranges.

A classic bathroom is more likely to get away with chrome fittings and simpler furniture.

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UK Bathroom Store stock many of the ranges that Heritage specialise in, and we can help you update or completely renew your bathroom in a new style, should you so desire. We can also help you find the final missing piece of your perfect Heritage bathroom, whether it’s part of a bigger renovation or just a minor tweak to your existing bathroom.

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