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Thermostatic Radiator Valves

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Radiator valves are a standard size in the UK and will fit any UK radiator. Due to the high number of designs and styles these are sold seperately and the user and choose a traditional crosshead design rather than a modern contemporary chrome square version for example.
You must choose whether the pipes from your radiator are going straight down into the floor, in which case you will usually need straight valves, or whether they will turn back into the wall and be chased into the plasterwork, in which case you will need angled valves.
You can have themostatic valves which limit the temperature of the room to that set on the valve itselt or you can have manual valves that simply allow the radiator to be on when the heating system is on.
Summer elements can also be used so that you can have the towel warmer on in summer when the heating system is not going to be used, this is a useful feature to isolate the one radiator in the house you may want on even during the summer months. This will have implications on the types of valves you need to purchase however and you should consult with either your plumber or call us for advice.