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Radiators, Heating and Lighting for your Bathroom

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Bathroom heating not only wants to be functional when heating your towels and bathroom, but also wants to look stylish too. Our range of bathroom radiators, underfloor heating and towel rails will keep your bathroom warm and welcoming, as well as ensuring it looks sleek and sophisticated. At UK Bathroom Store, we also supply radiator valves and heating accessories, so you'll find all your bathroom heating needs with us.

UK Bathroom Store has a great range of bathroom radiators, from the more traditional convection heaters, to modern style designer radiators that are more akin to a work of art. Whether you’re looking for a traditional column radiator, or something that adds a real wow factor to your design, we can help you find the radiator that suits you.

Top Bathroom Trend: We’ve all woken up in the morning, dreading the cold bathroom floor as we go to have a shower, but imagine if your bathroom floor was warm, and how much more welcoming that would be, especially on dark winter mornings. Underfloor heating in bathrooms is a current trend that will help your home feel just that bit cosier. Underfloor heating is kinder to your bathroom floor than a carpet, and is a great heating solution for larger bathrooms, as heating will be spread evenly, avoiding the occurrence of cold spots. Underfloor heating also works brilliantly for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms with a minimalist style, due to being placed underneath your bathroom tiles, taking up no space at all.

If you’re looking for a traditional and clean look to your bathroom, our range of column heaters are ideal, and are great for bathrooms on a budget. Our efficient convector radiators come in a variety of colours, and fit into the style of almost any bathroom.

UK Bathroom Store has a variety of options for heating your bathroom.

Design has come a long way from the traditional style column radiators and convector heaters (which we do still provide!) so nowadays if you want a radiator that keeps itself hidden you can get it, or if you want a radiator that stands out and says something special, you can get that too. Even if you are looking for something more conventional, UK Bathroom Store has a range that can suit the bathroom that you want to see every day.


Top bathroom trend: Imagine waking up in the morning and not having a cold bathroom floor waiting for you. Imagine getting out of the shower and finding that your feet can stay warm. The current trend for bathrooms is underfloor heating because like you, everyone loves to feel cosy in their own home, and you can bring that to the bathroom too. More water friendly than a bathroom carpet, underfloor heating can keep a room evenly warm throughout making it great for larger bathrooms that don’t want to have hot and cold spots. Being placed underneath the tiles, this also doesn’t take up any space at all, making it perfect for small or minimalist bathrooms as well.


If you’re looking for something more ordinary, UK Bathroom Store can provide you with a range of convector radiators which are very efficient at what they do and are provided in a variety of colours to fit in with the rest of your bathroom. The old fall-back column heaters are also a good choice and provide a clean and stylish look for a very reasonable price.


However you want to heat your bathroom, UK Bathroom Store has an option to suit you.