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Grohe Products

Grohe Logo

Renowned for the elegance and high-quality manufacture of their plumbing, Grohe are leading lights in showers and in tap & waste fittings. With an astonishing range of taps on offer, Grohe are also an industry leader in temperature extension kits, pop-up waste solutions, and combination tap & waste systems.

Grohe Taps and waste

Their many signature ranges prioritise precision engineering, quality control, and flow management without ever neglecting the overall look of their designs. You won't find a Grohe product that looks anything but excellent, just as you won't find a Grohe product with flawed engineering or likelihood of leaks.

Their motto - “Pure Freude an Wasser” - means Perfect Water Delivery, and they attend to this with the precision you'd expect from a worldwide market leader. Grohe products can be found in cruise ships and hotels; both areas where excess water use and loss can cause a serious issue over time. When organisations like that put their faith in a brand, you know that you can, too.

Grohe Showers

Grohe's core shower ranges are built around the Grohtherm brand, which is founded on the principle of delivering a thermostatic shower at an attractive price without forsaking a high standard of manufacture.

That principle extends from their core philosophy, which says that the same water flow and delivery can be achieved using less water and less energy, meaning that once installed, Grohe products are some of the cheapest and most efficient in terms of running costs.

As well as the Grohtherm range of showers, they offer a number of smaller quasi-ranges – the Atrio and Atrio Jota, the Allure, the Quadra – all of which approach the style of a shower in a different way – and a second large range, the Euro- range, of which the Eurosmart and the Eurostyle are two of the best known. Like the Grohtherm, these ranges fulfil the company motto with surprising energy efficiency.

Grohe's Approach

Another advantage to Grohe's approach is their “XS to XL” philosophy. Recognising that no two bathrooms are the same, Grohe manufacture their products in a variety of sizes, with everything down to tap placement varying according to size to better suit the needs of the user – and the user's family. A household which is all adults may well find it worth their while to have the taps a little higher, for convenience, than one where schoolchildren would have to stretch uncomfortably to reach.

This is a company which limits the range of products it offers in order to ensure that everything bearing the Grohe brand is as good an ambassador for that brand as it can possibly be. The result also is that anything you buy from that brand, you buy knowing it will deliver to the highest standards, and will show over time that it was made with quality and longevity in mind.

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