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Geberit Bathroom

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Geberit design bathroom parts directly for plumbers who are helping their clients to renovate or build new bathrooms, and UK Bathroom Store help plumbers get hold of the Geberit bathroom solutions they need. If you’re in need of bathroom plumbing solutions or Geberit spare parts, give us a call now on 01524 841087 and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

Functional and Invisible

Geberit know that your clients want a bathroom they can be proud of, and that means plumbing that doesn’t look ugly or get in the way. At the same time, you need to make sure that the plumbing you provide is long lasting and does its job, or you’re going to have unhappy customers. Geberit’s plumbing solutions are designed to be both functional and invisible or, where they can’t be completely hidden, to fit in well with any bathroom design while also giving you and your customers numerous options for customisability.

Innovative Bathroom Design

Every year Geberit make sure that they bring innovative new designs to market, to keep up with the need for bathrooms that are well designed and functional, as well as fit in with ever changing methods of design and new updated technology. UK Bathroom Store are easily able to bring these new innovations directly to you, so that you can bring them to your own customers and impress them with the new functionality of modern bathroom technology. Anything from a new design of floor drain to modern infra-red flush plates is a possibility with Geberit.

Geberit WC Systems & Urinals

Geberit WC systems combine functionality with beauty, by creating well designed toilets that can hide everything away for more space and less visible plumbing. Geberit toilets use hidden cisterns which create extra space and, for properties where it matters, avoids tampering.

Geberit also make sure that their WC systems, bidets and urinals are environmentally friendly, using less water to achieve more, and so also using less money and saving the environment. If you’re looking for ecologically friendly toilets, especially for commercial customers, Geberit are an excellent solution.

Geberit Shower Drainage

Residential end users often don’t put much thought into shower drainage, but we know that you do, and so do Geberit. Especially in wet rooms and public showers, well designed drainage is important, and Geberit have multiple different drainage solutions that you can offer your customers. Geberit shower channels direct the water towards drains efficiently, ensuring that there is less standing water that could cause damage. Geberit floor drains are designed to be low profile while still offering great drainage.

The Geberit wall drain for showers is both functional and beautiful, removing the usual grate in a floor and replacing it with a more aesthetically pleasing wall panel which water can be directed to. This is an especially good solution for residential end users who want their wet room to look superb.

Geberit Spare Parts

As well as new Geberit products, UK Bathroom Store can provide you with Geberit spare parts in case a previous installation has broken and needs replacing. Rather than have to buy a whole new system, you can save money and time just by getting spare parts for your Geberit installation, and avoid having to re-do everything from scratch.

For help finding any Geberit bathroom product, call UK Bathroom Store on 01524 841087 and we’ll find you what you’re looking for.