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Bristan offer you bathroom products that are both stylish and functional. A bathroom should be a place you can be proud of, but also a place that you can feel comfortable. Not just for looking good and showing off, a bathroom should be a place for feeling good, every day. That’s what Bristan believe, and it’s clear from the bathroom products they offer that this is the style of bathroom they want you to have. Stylish, luxurious, comfortable and functional.

Bristan Taps

Though you may not think it, taps can actually add much more to a bathroom even than the bath itself. The bath, sink, toilet and similar bathroom furniture is representative of your general bathroom style, but the little extras, like how you choose your taps, says a lot about your own individual bathroom. Bristan have a lot of different styles of tap on offer, each of which lend your bathroom a unique style and personality that says a lot about you.

Art deco, modern, minimalist taps or traditional, vintage bathroom taps add an extra level of authenticity to your bathroom design, and Bristan have a whole host of different taps that each capture a different element of these styles while still offering functionality and usability.

It’s not just looks, but also the function of a tap that changes a lot about your bathroom. A traditional tap offers simplicity of design while a waterfall tap adds style to an everyday experience. A mixer tap gives you greater control over the temperature of water, while having separate taps offers a more traditional experience.

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Bristan Showers

More than the bath, these days the shower is becoming the centrepiece of a modern bathroom, and the choices you make here are huge. As well as fitting in with the decor of your bathroom, you also need a shower that feels great to use, and that works the way you want it to work. A shower should be as much about luxurious comfort than about style and design, and that’s just what Bristan have on offer.

Bristan have electric showers, mixer showers, power showers and even the incredibly futuristic digital showers. Your shower can do just what you need it to, whether it’s a mixer shower for precise temperature control, or a power shower for a more intense shower feeling. Bristan showers also come in plenty of styles that suit your bathroom perfectly, whether modern or traditional, large or small, over tub, shower enclosure or walk in design.

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Bristan Extras

Like taps, it’s the little things that make a big difference to your bathroom, both in look and functionality. Bristan offer a huge range of bathroom accessories to make your bathroom a place that’s easy and comfortable to use, and that looks good doing so.

Bristan extras include everything from as important as a cistern lever or bath waste to as minor as a shower rack. With a whole different range of styles, you’ll find accessories that fit in perfectly with your own bathroom style, and as with all Bristan products, these accessories are designed to be as functional as they are good looking. Although you may not realise at first, it’s amazing the difference that something as simple as a toilet roll holder can make on the entire effect of your bathroom.

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