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  1. Types of Walk In Showers

    Types of Walk In Showers

    Walk in showers are all the rage these days, gaining popularity due to their ease of access and being a perfect addition to the modern style of a minimalist bathroom aesthetic. Depending on the size and shape of your bathroom, there are plenty of different options for you to choose from. Two-Sided In a large and spacious bathroom, a two-sided walk in shower enclosure might be your preferred option, allowing you to easily designate a shower area without having to use a full enclosure. The two-sided style of enclosure usually uses two panels to create a corner, with one stopping water from splashing out at the side, and one to stop it splashing out of the back. The entrance to this shower is the gap in the corner where the two panels don't meet, where water is least likely to escape the enclosure. This is perhaps the style of walk in shower most similar to 'traditional' showers, being still largely an enclosure, but if you make use of clear, frameless panels, you will still be able to create an effect of spaciousness in your bathroom. Continue reading →
  2. How and Why to Use Bath Panel Tiling

    How and Why to Use Bath Panel Tiling

    Bath tiling is a somewhat rare way to add an extra wow factor to your bathroom, and when done right can look extraordinarily good. We particularly recommend tiled bath panels as a small bathroom idea, as the way that they make the bath fit in creates extra visual space, but a larger bathroom with a minimalist aesthetic may also like the style of bath panel tiling. Before we get into the how of bath panel tiling, however, let's first address the what and why: What is Bath Panel Tiling? Bath panel tiling is simply the process of adding tiles to the side of your bath, usually in the same style that you have tiled the floor or walls. The process involves using specialist tile backing board which won't warp, and requires a bit more effort than using standard bath panels, but you may consider it well worth the extra effort. So Why Tile Your Bath? Continue reading →
  3. Shower Mixers: What Are They, Why Use Them & How to Connect Them

    Shower Mixers: What Are They, Why Use Them & How to Connect Them

    Shower mixers are a great way of getting the shower you want, every time. Sounds good so far, right? In seriousness, a shower mixer is a fairly simple mechanism that allows you to control the temperature of your shower by taking both the hot and cold water flows and mixing them together before outputting them from the shower head. This means that you get to select the temperature that your water comes out of the shower. This may sound like something your shower can already do (and perhaps it is) but there are a few key differences between options such as electric showers, and a few key add-ons that can help you make the most of your shower mixer. Continue reading →
  4. What is an Overflow Bath Filler?

    What is an Overflow Bath Filler?

    Can't find a good design for your bath tap? Struggling for space, or aiming for a minimalist feel without minimising function? Or are you just clamouring for something a little different, to make your bathroom feel a bit more special? In any and all of these cases, you should be considering a bath overflow filler. But what exactly is one? All-in-One Bath/Shower Solution In essence, an overflow bath filler is just a different way to put water into your bath. Located where you would normally find the waste overflow hole, the overflow filler is capable of filling your bath as well as taking excess water away by being hooked up to both the water pipe and the waste pipe. Seems simple, right? So why is it that you don't see these more often? The truth is, we're not entirely sure either. When most people are looking for baths, they expect to be attaching taps, so even though waste fillers have been around for quite some time, they just haven't been widely adopted yet. With improvements to the design, so that even gravity-fed water systems can now use them, and the modern desire for sleek, minimalist designs, however, they are currently seeing a rise in popularity and demand. How Do They Work? Continue reading →
  5. How to Fit a Wet Room Floor: Shower Trays and Waterproofing

    How to Fit a Wet Room Floor: Shower Trays and Waterproofing

    As the trends in bathroom design headed towards minimalist, it was only natural that more techniques were developed in an attempt to cut as much excess out of the bathroom as possible. Large and impressive bath tubs were shrunk down to space-saving corner baths. Shower pipes were hidden away behind walls. Eventually baths were removed entirely in favour of shower enclosures, which were shrunk down themselves until they were nothing more than clear, glass panels separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom. Minimalism in shower and bathing design reached its furthest extent in the form of the wet room, where an entire room could be transformed to be shower-friendly, thus removing the need for many of the traditional separation techniques. Continue reading →
  6. Small Bathroom Ideas

    Small Bathroom Ideas

    It's not difficult to find plenty of amazing pictures of bathrooms online, just looking on Pinterest or even searching on Google will bring up hundreds or thousands of amazing, beautiful and endlessly unique bathrooms, any of which could come from your dreams. It's easy to start thinking that, with your tiny bathroom, you'll never be able to have something so beautiful, but the truth is that a lot of those bathrooms might be much smaller than they first appear, and it's all thanks to innovative use of space and the right products. Our goal is to help you create your dream bathroom, so let's start with the small stuff and see what you can do to turn your tiny water closet into a magnificent throne room. Continue reading →
  7. Small Bathroom Design: Sink & Toilet Combination

    Small Bathroom Design: Sink & Toilet Combination

    The bane of many households, and boon of others, small bathrooms might be something you have to put up with, if it's your only one, or a handy little extra if you're installing a new cloakroom. In either case, finding the right furniture and suite for your small bathroom is a big task, but it's also one that has been receiving a lot of attention in the modern world of bathroom design. Continue reading →
  8. Inexpensive and Easy Ways to Update Your Bathroom This Spring

    Inexpensive and Easy Ways to Update Your Bathroom This Spring

    It’s officially spring time now in the UK, and lambs are frolicking, birds tweeting, and flowers blooming. The great spring clean will have begun for many people, and it is a popular pursuit to update rooms with a fresh lick of paint, or some new curtains to match the season’s style. It’s often difficult however, to give the bathroom a...
  9. Welcome to the New UK Bathroom Store Website!

    Welcome to the New UK Bathroom Store Website!

    Welcome to UK Bathroom Store’s brand new website! Designed based on what you had to say, the new site has had a great new launch, and we hope you’re finding it as exciting as we are. 7 years of experience has taught us a lot about what our customers need, and we thought that it was time to improve our website, to...

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