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Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • Bucket List Bathroom #2: The Sumptuous Shower

    Your bathroom is one of the most familiar places in your home. It’s a place of solitude, reflection, of relaxation after a long day and preparation for another day to come. It’s often a place people hurry through, but it doesn’t have to be.

    champagne bucket

    In this ongoing series, we’ll be taking a look at dream bathroom restoration projects. These are the kind of safe havens you can really relax in.

    These are the fanciest of the fancy; the Bucket List Bathrooms.

    Bucket List Bathroom #2: The Sumptuous Shower

    Typically, a bathroom built around a shower is designed on the concept of efficiency; it’s all about getting people in and out in as short a time as possible without skimping on cleaning. The shower is seen as the faster way to be washed, and by and large no allowances are made for lingering under the spray enjoying the steady drum of warm water on your shoulder blades.

    But there’s no reason whatsoever for that to be the case, and the humble shower can be every bit as luxurious and sensual as a bath. I’m not just thinking, here, of aromatic shower gels filling the air with beautiful scents or of expensive, soft shower sponges; the whole thing can be a feast for the senses from the bathroom itself up.

    Walk-in showers are best for this, of course, as they give you room to move about and the confidence of knowing you’re not about to bang your elbow on something. A shower enclosure like, say, the Aquadart AQ2097 Walk-In & Side Floor to Ceiling Post – tasteful if simple in design, with a classic elegant style all its own – even opens up room to invite in someone else if that’s your kind of thing.

    An excellent shower – personally I recommend one of our range of digital showers for the extra control over flow and temperature – lets you tailor your shower experience not just to your individual needs but your individual desires. The tasteful dark black-and-chrome detailing of the Sumptuous Shower plays well against both stronger pastel and deep, rich colours and perhaps some minimalist art elsewhere in the bathroom, completing the visual treat.

    As ever a heated towel rail close at hand for those leaving the enclosure is a must. Ideally, it should be close enough that you can begin towelling off and exit, wrapped in a warm, soft towel, before leaving the warmth of the shower itself.

    For shower tidy purposes in the Sumptuous Shower, we recommend something simple, elegant, and minimalist; something that won’t get in the way but will be there when you need it.

  • Another way to spread word of mouth

    It’s a story as old as the trade. We’re sure you know it as well as we do; we’re sure you’ve lived it.

    You’re called in for emergency repairs on a bathroom – something’s burst, or just leaked for far too long, and trouble’s set in – and when you get there it’s even worse than the portrait they painted of it in a panic.

    You assess the situation, make things good – or as good as they can be right now – and you break the news. This bathroom is on its last legs. There’s enough damage to one or more – usually more – of the fixtures and fittings that a few replacement parts isn’t going to work.

    Cheaper and better, you tell them, to rip it out and install a new one. Sure, the room will be out of commission a while, but honestly? It should be anyway. Sometimes a rebuild and a replacement is a better idea from the ground up.

    Well, what does the customer do then? Usually they’ll ask you how much it’ll cost, and a fair amount of the time you’ll end up being the contractor or the firm that works out the pricing and buys the materials and does the installation.

    Coming to someone’s aid in an emergency isn’t just a feeling of satisfaction in a job well done and a callout fee; it’s the best word of mouth you can get. Not only will people come back to the plumber who rescued them the next time they have an issue, but they’ll recommend you to anyone else asking for good names on the phone or on Facebook.

    But there’s a second side to all this which is often – and unwisely – overlooked. After you make the save, when you’re doing the rebuild, you have two options open to you.

    You can fit a classic baseline bathroom – good but undecorative – or you can pick out something a little bit different from our selection. Maybe you could browse our Clearance section for something striking and special, and then you could fit a bathroom which doubles as something else.

    As an advert.

    Whenever you make an installation on that scope, it stands as a testament to what you can do. That typical, classic bathroom is just as much a record of your ability – but it can easily be overlooked; to people outside the trade, it’s just another bathroom. Nothing special. But when something looks different from the norm, but still good, that grabs the attention, and people ask who did it.

    One of the reasons we stock such a wide range is so that people can put together bathrooms that stand out from the crowd. There’s nothing that says the people doing that have to be homeowners – and sometimes, putting something like this together can be your calling card.

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