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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • Small Changes, Big Differences 1: The Soap Dispenser

    One of the things that means bathrooms stay the same, unchanged, year on year is the pervasive belief that if you can’t completely redo them, there’s nothing really that makes sense to do.

    So far, so good – if it were true. Of course, it’s not; these rules of thumb so rarely are, especially those which double as an argument that nothing really needs to be done.

    In this series, we’ll be looking at small changes to your bathroom that can make a very big difference.

    Small Change #1: The Soap Dispenser

    The Crosswater Central CE011C

    f you’re anything like us – and you may well not be – you grew up with a bar of soap on a dish by the sink, or in one of the dips in the sink itself. The standard for decades has changed, however, as liquid soaps have become more and more popular; easier to keep track of, less likely to be lost as they get smaller, and you don’t get the same worrying sensation that you’re using more than you need.

    Liquid soap and bars clearly both have their place, and these days which you choose is as much about the look and the feel of what you prefer as anything else, but while liquid soap has opened up a lot of options, one thing it by and large hasn’t done is solve the problem of where you put it – and the base of a soap bottle will often get sticky with soap, leaving a mark where it rests.

    As good as the stuff is, that’s been one of the marks against it; it can make the presentation of your bathroom a little more difficult to swallow when guests drop by.

    Fortunately for you, however, help is very much at hand, with a soap dispenser like the Crosswater Central CE011C. It’s wall-mounted, easy to refill, and with its tasteful and durable white ceramic design, it’ll set off almost any bathroom well.

    Best of all, by installing it you solve the issue of soap residue and stains at one fell swoop while freeing up space around your sink.

    Here’s an experiment you can try right now. Head up to your bathroom and take out all the soap you’ve got there. Quickly scrub the stains away. Now, head back to the door and walk in again.

    You’ll immediately notice that just from that small change the place seems brighter, fresher, and as if it’s got more space – immediately. Go inside, approach the sink, and seen up close the difference is even bigger.

    A small change can make a big difference. We offer the Crosswater Central CE011C for a little under thirty pounds; it can be with you in two days.

    It doesn’t take much to brighten up your bathroom. Isn’t it time you started?

  • Bucket List Bathroom #1: The Devoted Reader

    Your bathroom is one of the most familiar places in your home. It’s a place of solitude, reflection, of relaxation after a long day and preparation for another day to come. It’s often a place people hurry through, but it doesn’t have to be.

    bucket list on paper

    In this ongoing series, we’ll be taking a look at dream bathroom restoration projects. These are the kind of safe havens you can really relax in.

    These are the fanciest of the fancy; the Bucket List Bathrooms.

    Bucket List Bathroom #1: The Devoted Reader

    If you have the space in your bathroom to make it a comfortable retreat, why not do so? Carpet is frowned on, of course, but smooth, unpolished floor tiling can provide a beautiful appearance without compromising grip even when your feet are wet.

    Ground floor bathrooms may wish to add underfloor heating to keep those tiles toasty and comfortable no matter what, but heating matters more in bathrooms than anywhere else in the home in any case; you should be comfortably warm regardless.

    This kind of bathroom hinges on a luxurious bath like the Burlington into A Corner Bath, with room to relax and stretch out, recessed near a window so that the ledge offers a convenient nearby resting place for wine glass and bottle (or gin, according to preference). Non-readers may prefer to substitute candles or tea lights around the windowsill and the flat rim of this bath; if so, candles may be scented. Aromatherapy oils or soothing bubble bath is also recommended.

    A heated towel rail should be kept near the bath itself – the Phoenix Davina RA51 is a good choice for this – so that once the long soak is ended, the warm embrace of a crisp fresh towel is easy to hand.

    As the idea behind the Devoted Reader involves luxurious use of space, consider adding a comfortable chair to sit in while you wait for the bath to finish running, rather than absenting yourself from the room or perching on the toiler. A second, deep bathroom cabinet like the Roper Rhodes Scheme can even act as a bookshelf.

    Nothing beats a long, comfortable soak in the bath as a way of recharging and recuperating, but you can greatly improve the effects by making it a place to be pampered. The Devoted Reader is all about making your bathroom a comfortable place to spend your time.

    We spend so much of our lives in bathrooms anyway that it’s well worth our time making them places we enjoy.

    Even if this bucket list bathroom isn’t for you, it’s worth spending some time looking at what you’ve got to work with and thinking about your own.

    What’s your perfect bucket list bathroom?

  • What-A-Loo!

    Disco Ball

    My, my, but what a loo I found online on offer

    Oh yeah, and I have set my porcelain in quite a similar way

    The heated towel rail by the door

    Keeps all of my towels off the floor


    What a loo – My bathroom’s complete, now take the tour

    What a loo – A replacement for one that was rather poor

    What a loo – Goes really well with the shower, too

    What a loo – Plumbing as straight as a snooker cue

    What a loo – Beats the hell out of Portaloos


    My, my, I couldn’t set it up but called a plumber

    Oh yeah, and low it seems my bathroom is the best

    And I’m really proud of my bath

    I don’t care if you think that’s daft


    What a loo – My bathroom’s complete, now take the tour

    What a loo – A replacement for one that was rather poor

    What a loo – Goes really well with the shower, too

    What a loo – Plumbing as straight as a snooker cue

    What a loo – Beats the hell out of Portaloos


    And I’m really proud of my bath

    When I see it I grin til I laugh

    What a loo – Goes really well with the shower, too

    What a loo – Plumbing as straight as a snooker cue


    Whoa whoa whoa


    What a loo – Beats the hell out of Portaloos

  • Beat the Cold with our Wide Range of Heated Towel Rails

    Under Window Radiator

    Hardly a traditional fixture in bathrooms at this stage, the heated towel rail is nonetheless an item that those who’ve tried them absolutely swear by and pledge that they wouldn’t live without again.

    And why not? Especially in this day and age of modern central heating, not every bathroom has a radiator, and even in those that do, the towel rail allows for better towel access and storage, multiple items to be kept warm and dried at once and, in general, better performance on almost every level.

    Most of us first encountered these brilliant devices in the en-suite bathroom at one hotel or other, and there are quite a few who believed that they were simply strangely designed radiators for a very long time. Exposure and experienced turned that around, though, and after a while people began to think in terms of incorporating one of these useful items into their home.

    From there, the spread and success of these wonderful items has been a happy inevitability.

    Heated Towel Rail 2

    Though the basic ladder bar towel rail design has become very familiar, there are many more variations than most people realise until they come to putting their bathroom together; you’ll even see versions where the bars are vertical from time to time, and they have their strong adherents, as do the serpentine ‘S’-style rails.

    They also vary in height and width, with some even specifically designed to fit below a bathroom’s window, making use of that otherwise hard-to-fill part of the room’s real estate.

    It’s common for heated towel rails to come with a wide variety of optional extras. Most are designed to be incorporated into a variety of central heating systems, but of those, many also offer the ability to install a heating filament and power it from the mains, for those who’d have difficulty in hooking it up to their central heating.

    Whatever the dimensions of your spare wall space, there’s likely to be a heated towel rail which will make most use of it. If you’re designing the whole bathroom from scratch, you can safely leave the size and look of the towel rail until quite late in the process, still certain you’ll be able to find one to fit – but you don’t have to.

    Why not look at a hinged towel rail, positioned between your bath and shower and your sink, to be swung toward either for easier access? Somewhere near the toilet, to keep that part of the room a little warmer than the average?

    Look at the space you have and give some serious thought to what setup would make life easiest for all uses, and you’ll soon have a much clearer idea of what you want to do – but whatever you do, your bathroom should include a heated towel rail. It’s hard to go back to not having one once you’ve tried them.

    To find out more, check out our range of heated towel rails here, or give us a call on 01524 841087

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