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Bathroom Inspiration - It's All About You

UK Bathroom Store offer Bauhaus bathroom furniture for every bathroom. You’ll find basins, cabinets and more with sleek, minimalist style or contemporary takes on traditionalism, whatever your bathroom needs.

Bauhaus are known for their high production quality, using materials that will make your bathroom feel like luxury as well as look it. Whatever you choose, you’ll be adding an item to your bathroom that just emphasises cleanliness both in design and practice. Simple edges, efficient use of space and smooth finishes are just a few of the characteristics that Bauhaus brings out for your bathroom.

For a Modern Aesthetic

For your bathroom’s modern aesthetic, Bauhaus holds a number of options. Ceramics are available with smooth, shallow curves for an organic, flowing look, or you can opt for a more straight-edged, rectangular design for pragmatic minimalism. To save space in your bathroom, visually and physically, you’ll find back-to-wall toilets or close couple cisterns, as well as wall-hung designs.

Bauhaus bathroom furniture comes in a range of finishes that emphasise your aesthetic. Go for a gloss, white finish to maintain your pristine, ultra clean look, or use a Black Ash wood finish to add contrast. To add colour to an otherwise subtle palette, walnut does the perfect job.

Bauhaus bathroom furniture uses clean lines and smooth corners that add to both organic and minimalist styles. Cupboards and drawers are designed to save space, with innovative designs allowing them to open in unique ways, and otherwise stay flush to furniture. Smooth opening mechanisms just add to the overall feeling of simplicity.

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For a Traditional Aesthetic

Bauhaus wood finish furniture has plenty to offer people creating a traditional looking bathroom. Different woods allow you to customise the exact feel of your bathroom, whether you’re aiming for a lighter, airier aesthetic or a more sombre, earthy feeling. Use these wood finishes to emphasise the brass or gold look trimmings that are present in your vintage style bathroom, adding extra colour and helping the accessories stand out.

Looks aren’t all that Bauhaus add to your traditional style bathroom suite, though. By using Bauhaus bathroom furniture you upgrade the functionality of your bathroom. Traditional bathrooms can often have a clunky, awkward to use feel about them, so that while they look excellent, they become frustrating to use on a daily basis. Bauhaus emphasise quality of material and design, so that your traditional bathroom suite retains the functionality bourne from modern engineering. Your bathroom won’t just look great, it will also be easier to use.

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For Your Individual Needs

Of course, not every bathroom falls into the “modern” vs. “traditional” style. Bauhaus has plenty to offer for every taste, with ceramics and furniture to fit in every bathroom. The true strength of Bauhaus lies in the quality they offer you and the broad scope of bathrooms that their furniture fits in with.

If you have a small bathroom, a cisternless back-to-wall toilet is a good choice. If you like plenty of storage space, then Bauhaus has plenty to choose from, all of which is stylish and easy to use. If you’re just looking to replace or add a single piece to your bathroom suite, Bauhaus offers bathroom furniture that fits in anywhere.

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