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Morning, evening, hot afternoon, there’s nothing better than a good shower at any time of day. Whether it’s a morning ritual to wake you up, a necessary chore to keep yourself clean or a form of luxury relaxation, your shower needs to not only do its job, but make you feel good doing it. Aqualisa know this, and their showers are designed to give you exactly the experience you’re after.

Electric Showers

Aqualisa electric showers are safe, simple to use and easy to install. Since they heat their own water supply, they’re quick to reach the right temperature, and don’t use up all the hot water in your house, as well as making it easier to maintain the correct temperature while you’re showering. Perfect for a busy household with lots of people wanting to use the hot water even while you’re showering.

Aqualisa have a great range of electric showers, from affordable to luxury showers, all of which are designed to be ideal in any home or bathroom. An Aqualisa electric shower is as lovely to use at it is easy, and higher end options have plenty of adjustable features to suit you.

See Aqualisa electric showers, or call us on 01524 541087 to talk to us about them.

Digital Showers

Digital showers bring the future to your bathroom, with an amazing range of features available from Aqualisa. Aqualisa were the first company to design and market digital showers back in 2001, so they’ve got the idea of creating digital showers down to an art form, more than a decade later. Controllable remotely, and nowadays even from your phone, a digital shower is the perfect way of bringing modern technology to your bathroom.

In particular, Aqualisa really understand how to make a digital shower. They include features such as one touch controls, which allow you to simply turn the shower to your perfect temperature every time with just the push of a button. A digital shower can remember your favourite settings and keep them for the next time you use it, and even tell you once it’s reached optimum temperature. More complex controls are also achievable, with an easy to use LED screen connected to the shower, or to your phone.

An Aqualisa digital shower is everything you’ve dreamed of in showering technology. You can see some of Aqualisa’s digital showers for yourself, or call us on 01524 541087 to talk with us about them.

Mixer Showers

Aqualisa mixer showers allow you to shower with peace of mind that your temperature and water flow will be perfectly controlled, without the need for your constant input. While most showers mix hot and cold water together as they come out of the shower, mixer showers mix the water beforehand, ensuring that it’s the exact temperature you want it to be, and allowing it to keep a much closer control over what temperature it actually is. This creates safety features that mean that your shower will never be too hot, or suddenly run out of warm water in the middle of a shower and leave you shivering in a torrent of cold.

See more Aqualisa mixer showers, or call us to talk about them on 01524 541087.